Best answer: What tiles can I use on a 15 degree pitch roof?

What tiles go down to 15 degrees?

Low Pitched Roof Tiles & Slates – 15° & below

  • Marley Thrutone Slate.
  • Redland Regent.
  • Redland Cambrian Slate.
  • Redland Grovebury.
  • Redland Landmark Double Pantile.
  • Marley Mendip.
  • Marley Wessex.
  • Marley Melodie Tile.

What is the lowest pitch for a tiled roof?

The BS 5534 standard traditionally recommended a minimum roof pitch of 20°, but lower pitches are possible if required thanks to new product development.

What pitch can tiles go down to?

Concrete tiles

Down to 22.5° pitch (smooth), with a headlap of 75mm. Down to 17.5° pitch (smooth), with a headlap of 100mm.

What is the minimum pitch for plain tiles?

In most instances, 35° will be the minimum pitch for plain concrete tiles, which is another reason why the material is the preferred choice for those who use them regularly. Clay single camber plain tiles can pitch down to 30° manufacturer dependant, although the vast majority available have a limit of 35°.

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What is the best roofing material for a low pitch roof?

Rubber roofs are a top choice for flat or low pitched roofing as it adheres to the roofing materials below it and, when installed correctly, provides a watertight seal to the elements. Choosing the best low slope roof materials often comes down to weighing the pros and cons based on your home and your needs.

What roof tiles go down to 10 degrees?

The Planum roof tiles can be used on pitches as low as 10 degrees thanks to the innovative design and the highly engineered manufacturing process. As one of the leading low pitch roof tiles on the market the Planum comes in a range of 5 colours.

How do I increase the pitch of my roof?

Pitched Roof

Change the pitch on an existing sloped roof by removing the old roof and framing. Take off shingles or other roof covering and remove the membrane and sheathing. Use a pry bar to pull loose shingles and wood decking. Strip the roof to its rafters or trusses.

What is the most common roof pitch angle?

The most commonly used roof pitches fall in a range between 4/12 and 9/12. Pitches lower than 4/12 have a slight angle, and they are defined as low-slope roofs. Pitches of less than 2/12 are considered flat roofs, even though they may be very slightly angled.

What angle should roof be?

For most home styles, roof pitches fall in a range 4/12 (a moderate) slope up to 8/12 (fairly steep). Examples of extreme slopes range from 1/4 /12 (almost flat) to 12/12 (sloping down at a perfect 45-degree angle).

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What roof pitch is 12 degrees?

Roof Slope in Degrees to Standard Roof Pitch Conversion Tables

Convert Roof Slope from Degrees to Rise-in-Run
13° 2.770 in 12
14° 2.991 in 12
15° 3.215 in 12
16° 3.441 in 12

What is the minimum pitch for Marley modern tiles?

Minimum Pitch: Smooth – 17.5° (100mm headlap) / Granular – 25° (100mm headlap)

What is the minimum pitch for a metal roof?

The minimum slope for lapped, non-soldered seam metal roofs without applied lap sealant shall be three units vertical in 12 units horizontal (25-percent slope). The minimum slope for lapped, non-soldered seam metal roofs with applied lap sealant shall be one-half unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (4-percent slope).

What is considered a low pitch roof?

Low- slope roofs typically have a minimum slope of one-fourth inch vertical to twelve inch horizontal (¼:12 or 2 percent) depending on the roofing material. Roofs are considered low-slope roofs up to 3:12 pitch. Low-slope roofs traditionally have been constructed with an asphalt built-up roof covering.

How do you cover a low pitch roof?

Modern low-slope roof or flat roofs tend to use a continuous membrane covering which can better resist pools of standing water. These membranes are applied as continuous sheets, bonded together with heat-welding or adhesives. A more expensive low-slope or flat roof option include sealed metal roofs using copper or tin.

What is the minimum pitch for rosemary tiles?


Rosemary Clay Classic Technical Data
Minimum Pitch 35°
Maximum Pitch 90°
Minimum Headlap 65 mm 35 mm
Maximum Headlap 88 mm
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