You asked: Is it worth getting conservatory roof insulated?

insulating your conservatory ceiling can make the space more energy efficient, thereby saving you money on your energy bills. But there are other benefits too, such as: Reducing rain noise. improving temperature regulation – making it feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Is it worth insulating my conservatory roof?

Furthermore, conservatory roofs do not tend to be built to last. … If your roof leaks and drips end up penetrating the new plasterboard ceiling it will eventually collapse. Replacing your conservatory roof. If you’re looking for a quick fix, it may be worth insulating your existing roof as a temporary measure.

Does putting a roof on a conservatory make it warmer?

By choosing a tiled roof, you’ll make your conservatory warmer while also making it feel like a natural part of your home. You’ll get increased shade from lightweight tiles. That way, you could turn your conservatory into an office space, relaxation room or into any other idea you have.

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What is the best way to insulate a conservatory roof?

Best Way to Insulate a Conservatory Roof

  1. Install a New Conservatory Roof. Replacement conservatory roofs are a popular and efficient way of insulating conservatories and for a good reason! …
  2. Install Blinds or Roof Drapings. …
  3. Upgrade Your Polycarbonate Roof. …
  4. Solar Control Film. …
  5. Aluminium Foil & Thermal Wadding.

How well insulated are conservatories?

A U value measures of how well a material minimises heat loss, with a lower number indicating better performance. Polycarbonate conservatories range from 2.4w m/2k to 1.5w m/2k, depending on the thickness of the material. A value of 1.0w m/2k is seen as desirable for keeping a room cool in summer and warm in winter.

How much does a tiled conservatory roof cost?

Tiled Conservatory Roof Prices

On average, you can expect your tiled conservatory roof to cost from around £4,000 for a smaller conservatory (anything below 4000mm x 4000mm), and up to £6,000 for a larger conservator (over 4000mm x 4000mm).

How do I stop condensation on my conservatory roof?

10 Ways to Stop Condensation in a Conservatory

  1. Ensure a well-ventilated conservatory.
  2. Be consistent throughout your home.
  3. Hang your washing elsewhere.
  4. Install trickle vents.
  5. Use moisture traps.
  6. Avoid too many plants.
  7. Invest in double glazing.
  8. Buy a dehumidifier.

Does putting a solid roof on a conservatory add value?

 A conservatory with a glass or polycarb roof is unlikely to add value. … A glass or polycarb roofed conservatory simply doesn’t make sense as a home improvement.  A conservatory with a solid, tiled roof often does add value and will more than pay for itself when you come to sell.

How much should a new conservatory roof cost?

For a standard solid conservatory roof replacement, the average cost is £4,100. For a larger conservatory, prices start at around £5,500 to replace a glass or polycarbonate roof with a tiled structure.

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Can you insulate a conservatory roof yourself?

Aluminium Foil and Thermal Wadding

Acting as a heat reflector, aluminium foil is the perfect way to insulate a conservatory roof yourself. Thermal wadding absorbs heat through air pockets, working to trap heat, thereby effectively insulating your conservatory. A quick fix for your conservatory woes.

How can I keep my conservatory warm in winter?

See, I Told You I’d Be Quick

  1. Invest in better glazing, if it is affordable.
  2. Minimise draughts as best as you can.
  3. Get busy with drapes and blinds and big blankets.
  4. Perhaps lay some new flooring.
  5. Insulate the conservatory roof.
  6. Opt for electric heating if you can.
  7. Be efficient with the radiator you already have.


Can I board over my conservatory roof?

First off, you must fill in the space between the roof’s rafters with your insulation material, or method of choice. Next, you apply boarding or plaster a new ceiling over the top of the rafters to hide the blanket of insulation. …

How can I improve my conservatory roof?

7 conservatory refurbishment ideas to modernise ANY space

  1. Insulate the walls. …
  2. Change the glass. …
  3. Make it open-plan. …
  4. Replace the roof. …
  5. Update old frames. …
  6. Bring the outside in. …
  7. Add corner pillars.


How much heat is lost through a conservatory roof?

Around 80% of the heat that enters your conservatory comes from the roof, and sadly, about the same percentage leaves that way as well. This is why, on those hot Summer days when you open your conservatory window, the temperature doesn’t change all that much.

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How much does it cost to insulate a conservatory roof?

The cost to insulate your conservatory roof can range from £500 all the way up to £4000 for a new solid roof depending on your requirements.

Should conservatory walls be insulated?

In your home now, you may have an older conservatory with a dwarf wall or solid walls. However, although they use bricks for added heat, these outdated designs often don’t use any insulation. Without conservatory wall insulation, cold air can get into your home more quickly.

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