You asked: How much does a square of cedar shingles cost?

You can expect to pay $4.50 to $9.00 per sq. foot or $450 to $900 per square for wood shingles when installed on a standard sized single story home. View your potential roof installation savings with local contractors below.

How much is a square of cedar shingles?

Cedar shake siding costs between $6 and $12 per square foot for materials and installation. Shingle siding costs $6 to $10 per square foot.

Are cedar shingles expensive?

Compared with other roofing materials, such as the popular asphalt shingles, cedar roofing shingles are more expensive and cost more to install. … Top quality roofing, like cedar wood, comes with a higher price. However, over time, the longevity of cedar wood roofing provides a higher return on investment.

How much is a square of red cedar shingles?

Cost of Red Cedar Shingles

Red Cedar Shingles costs Zip Code Sq. ft.
Basic Better
Red Cedar Shingles – Installation Cost $220.00 – $240.00 $265.00 – $280.00
Red Cedar Shingles – Total $385.00 – $415.00 $455.00 – $490.00
Red Cedar Shingles – Total Average Cost per square foot $4.00 $4.72
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Are cedar shingles more expensive than asphalt shingles?

Another significant part of the debate is the cost of cedar shake roof vs asphalt shingle roofs. … For the initial installation, a wood shake roof can cost about $3.50 per square foot at its cheapest, compared to $2.75 per square foot for asphalt shingles.

What do I put under cedar shingles?

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau recommends installation over Type 30 asphalt felt underlayment for red cedar shingles and shakes. Install the felt paper with minimum 6-inch overlaps on vertical joints, 2 inches on horizontal laps, and 4 inches wrapped each way at inside and outside corners.

How many nails are in a square of cedar shingles?

The standard required amount of nails for cedar shingles is 320 pieces per square. For areas with a lot of wind, six nails for each shingle might be needed, which means you need 480 nails for each square.

Why are cedar shingles so expensive?

Wood siding isn’t as popular as it once was, but cedar shake and shingles display the beauty of wood in a prominent way. It tends to be more expensive than other wood siding options, due mostly to labor, and has some advantages over other wood siding options.

What is the difference between cedar shingles and cedar shakes?

Appearance – Cedar shingles have a smooth and uniform look that spans the entire roof surface while cedar shakes have a more rugged appearance because each piece looks a little different than the rest. … Cedar shakes are split off while shingles are sawn smooth on both sides and cut tapered.

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Are cedar shingles waterproof?

Are cedar shingles waterproof? Cedar wood shingles are prone to mold, mildew, and insects. It is important to note that the wood on a cedar roof is not intended to be waterproof, and is therefore quite susceptible to wind-driven rain. Any natural product exposed to water is vulnerable to mold, mildew and erosion.

How much does a bundle of red cedar shingles cost?

Cedar shakes cost around $130 per bundle or $400 per square.

What is the difference between white cedar shingles and red cedar shingles?

Left unpainted or unfinished, white shingles come to take on a pretty silver-gray color. Red shingles, on the other hand, appear rich and classic in their natural state. However, red cedar shingles cannot be painted, while white shingles can be painted any desired color as they naturally absorb paint well.

How much is a square of white cedar shingles?

The average roofing installation price for a cedar shingle roof costs anywhere between $7,649 to $11,474 on an 1,800 sq. ft home. You can expect to pay $4.50 to $9.00 per sq. foot or $450 to $900 per square for wood shingles when installed on a standard sized single story home.

Are cedar shingles better?

Cedar Shakes

They are impact and wind resistant. They allow better airflow on the roof inhibiting moisture buildup. They provide increased curb appeal and can increase your home’s value. They are naturally insulating — almost twice the value of asphalt.

How long do cedar shingles last?

But how long will your cedar shake roof actually last? As long as it’s properly installed and with proper maintenance, you can expect to get 30 years of life out of your cedar shake roof. If you invest in quality materials and live in an area with the right conditions, you could possibly get up to 50 years out of it.

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How much does it cost to cedar shingle a house?

The average cost to install cedar shingle siding ranges from $6 to $15 per square foot. You can expect to pay between $10,200 and $24,600 for a licensed contractor to install new cedar shingle siding on a typical house. This includes the cost of having a contractor remove the existing siding.

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