You asked: How do you edit a roof profile in Revit?

How do I edit my profile in Revit?

Edit profiles or paths from which forms are created.

  1. Select a profile, path, or surface to edit. …
  2. Click Modify | Form Element Mode panel (Edit Profile). …
  3. Use the drawing tools on the Modify | Form Element > Edit Profile tab to edit the profile. …
  4. Click (Finish Edit Mode).


How do you edit a mullion profile in Revit?

In the drawing area, select a mullion on the model, or click Architecture tab Build panel (Mullion) on the ribbon. On the Properties palette, click Edit Type. In the Type Properties dialog, under Construction, select a profile, and click OK.

How do I edit wall layers in Revit?

To drag wall layers, modify them in section, 3D, and elevation views.

  1. Place the cursor at the top or bottom of the wall and press Tab until you highlight the shape handle for the extendable layers. …
  2. Click to select the shape handle.
  3. Drag the shape handle up or down.


How do you draw a roof extrusion in Revit?

Create a Roof by Extrusion

  1. Display an elevation, 3D, or section view.
  2. Click Architecture tab Build panel Roof drop-down (Roof by Extrusion).
  3. Specify the work plane.
  4. In the Roof Reference Level and Offset dialog, select a value for Level. …
  5. To raise or lower the roof from the reference level, specify a value for Offset.
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How do you define roof slope in Revit?

To do this, Edit the Roof . Then, select the two long boundary lines only and turn on the Defines Slope parameter. You can also change the value of the roof slope of your boundaries in the properties tab. Finish your sketch and you should now have a Gable Roof Shape.

How do I change the height of my ArchiCAD roof?

In the 3D window, select the roof, click on any point that is not on the pivot line, then select the Change Roof Pitch command from the pet palette and graphically adjust the roof angle (or enter a Pitch value into the Tracker.) The roof will rotate around the pivot line.

Is a mullion?

Mullion, in architecture, a slender vertical division between adjacent lights or subdivisions in a window or between windows in a group.

Where is mullions in Revit library?

Cheers! Look in the Project Browser>Families>Curtain Wall Mullions.

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