What is the purpose why you home have roofing Brainly?

Roof is the most important aspect in the home since it protects you and your family from many things. Roof block the rain wind hail and, snow.. They also catch most of the sunlight and provide you the insulation to keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What is the purpose of why your house has roofing?

If it’s in good shape, your roof serves as a barrier against snow, hail, rain, ice, branches, and debris. If your roof is in poor shape, your home can get leaks, develop mold and mildew, and experience other problems. Even a small leak in the roof line can cause large-scale water problems across major home systems.

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What is the use of roof Brainly?

Answer: Roof- is the top covering of a building, including all materials and constructions necessary to support it on the walls of building or on uprights, providing protection against the rain, snow, sunlight, extremes of temperature and wind.

Which of the following is the most important part of Tashi house?

Answer. Roof is the most important part of house because it protects the interior of house and its members. It provides us safety from rain, snow, etc.

What is the most important part of the house?

The roof is definitely the most important part of your house, which is why it’s so important to take good care of it with regular roof maintenance and roof repair.

What is the main function of a roof?

The basic function of any roof is to offer protection from the elements for people and their possessions. Roofs can also provide insulation, retaining heat in the winter or cool air in the summer. Certain roofing materials – especially those of fibrous origin – offer strong insulation.

What are the purposes of an exposition or an argument Brainly?

What Is the Purpose of Exposition? Exposition is designed to convey information that provides insight into a character or advances the story. The background information provided by exposition helps connect to the reader to the emotional stakes of the narrative.

What are the purpose of an exposition or an argument?

Effective exposition provides essential background information about the main characters and the world of your story. Writing exposition also provides stakes and emotional context for the beginning of the story, supporting the rising action, the falling action, and the eventual denouement.

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What type of roof is used in small construction which makes use of the simplest materials?

Gable Roof is a type of roof used in small construction which make use of the simple materials.

What is Rebo called?

Changpas live in a big cone shaped tent called Rebo. Lekha is a place where Changpas kept their goat and sheep. People in Ladakh dry fruits and vegetables in summer to store for winter when they do not get anything. In Srinagar people live in houses like house boat and “Donga”.

At what height is the place where you live?

Answer. (a) The place where I live is situated at about 200 metres above the sea level. (b) Because at high altitudes the amount of oxygen is less due to which it becomes difficult to breathe properly.

Can you guess the similarities and differences in the life of Bakarwal people and the life of Changpas?

Both the Bakarwals and the Changpas live in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir. Both of them move from one place to another, and keep on wandering. Both of them are dependent on animals like goat, yak, sheep, etc. They earn their livelihood by selling the wool obtained from these animals.

Why are homes so important?

Humans, however, add layers of significance to home and place. … Home provides security, control, belonging, identity, and privacy, among other things. “But most of all, it’s a place that provides us with a centering—a place from which we leave each morning and to which we return each evening.”

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What are five good features of an ideal house?

The Top 7 Qualities of An Ideal House Built By The Good Real Estate Developers

  • The home should be airy and well-ventilated. …
  • The design of the interiors should be ergonomic. …
  • The material used in construction should be of good quality. …
  • The height of the ceilings should be between 10-12 feet.


What are the essential parts of any house?

AG recognizes the key culturally-accepted components of home to be:

  • A place to sleep and keep your belongings – a bedroom to personalize.
  • A place for personal hygiene – a bathroom.
  • A place to cook and sustain yourself – a kitchen.
  • A place to socialize – a living room.


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