What is roof slab layout?

A roof slab models a single face of a roof. Then, when the design is substantially complete, but you need more flexibility for customizing edges and other details, you can convert the roof to individual roof slabs. …

What is a roof slab in construction?

A slab is a structural element, made of concrete, that is used to create flat horizontal surfaces such as floors, roof decks and ceilings. A slab is generally several inches thick and supported by beams,columns, walls, or the ground.

How do you build a slab roof?

Concrete roof or slab is made waterproof by applying stabilised bitumen sheets. The floor is first cleaned and then some bitumen is sprinkled over the surface and then bitumen stabilised sheets are rolled over the surface and joined with other at edges by applying heat through gas torch.

What is the difference between slab and roof?

From the perspective of architectural form: the roof slab is the slab installed on the roof of the building, and the slab is the slab in the vertical direction of each floor of the building. It can have N floors. … Roofing material. The slab is the load-bearing part of the house.

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What is RCC roof slab?

RCC Roof Slab – In the construction industry, when they use the word concrete, they are talking about reinforced cement concrete, also known as RCC. The reinforced concrete features combined the strength of cement and steel bars which are the basic components of a modern structural design.

How do you waterproof a concrete slab roof?

Apply a coat of Bitu-Primer (acrylic based bituminous primer) to the concrete slab. The solvent-based bitumen primer (Bitu-Primer) is applied to the concrete slab to facilitate the correct adhesion between substrate and the Derbigum/Derbit waterproofing material.

What are the types of slab?

Distribution bars are cranked to resist the formation of stresses.

  • JOIST SLAB (RIBBED) It consists of a floor slab, usually 50 to 100mm thick, supported by reinforced concrete ribs (joists). …


What should be the thickness of roof slab?

According to Indian standard rcc concrete roof slab thickness in residential building construction is 4 inches (100mm). Use of 5″ to 6″ (125mm to 150mm) is recommended if the concrete will receive occasional heavy loads.

What is the minimum thickness of slab?

Minimum thickness of slab

Minimum thickness of rcc slab is 4″ or 100mm, 3″ for side walk, 4″ for patios, 6″ for driveway and minimum 4″ thick for parking. It will be restricted to 4 times the nominal size of aggregate.

What is the difference between one way and two way slab?

The one-way slab is supported by a beam on two opposite side only. The two-way slab is supported by the beam on all four sides. In one-way slab, the load is carried in one direction perpendicular to the supporting beam. In two-way slab, the load is carried in both directions.

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How much is the cover for slab?

Clear Cover for Slabs:

The minimum cover thickness for slab reinforcement generally between 20 and 30 mm depending on the ecological circumstances present during the building’s service life.

Which grade of concrete is used for slab?

Generally M10 and M15 grades of concrete are used for leveling course, and bedding for footings. Standard concrete and concrete of grade M20 is applicable for Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) works for slabs, beams, columns and so on. The high strength concrete has its applications for high rise buildings.

Are concrete roofs good?

A concrete roofing can stay intact and sturdy for more than 50 years. Some properties built with concrete even last for up to a century. It’s one of the most long-lasting roofing materials available in the market. To reach its maximum performance, you need to partner with a credible roofing partner.

What is the ratio of RCC slab?

Generally 1:2:4 and 1:1.5: 3 ratios of RCC are used in construction work. Where cement concrete 1:2:4 is used; it means 1 part of cement 2 parts of fine aggregate/coarse sand and 4 parts of coarse aggregate. This ratio of cement concrete gives high strength of cement concrete and is recommended for following works.

Which sand is best for RCC work?

The river sand of Ganga or Brahmaputra is to fine to be used. Sand from Son river is very good.

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