What is a roof deck made of?

Most roof decking is made from plywood or a plywood composite known as Oriented Strand Board (OSB). OSB is composed of intertwining wood strands bonded together by a waterproof resin and is a popular option due to its low price point.

What kind of wood is used for roof decking?

The most common materials for this are oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood, both formed of layers of wood bonded into a panel. Plywood used for roof decking is typically called sheathing and carries a grade stamp indicating its load and span ratings and other performance factors.

What is the best decking for a roof?

The Best Materials for Roof Decking

  • Heavy Duty Rubber Roof Tiles. Rubber is one of the most durable materials out there, and rubber roof decking tiles are no different. …
  • Plastic Flow-Through Tiles. …
  • Faux Grass.

What do you use to deck a roof?

Roof Decking on Older Homes

Newer construction homes use plywood or OSB boards for the roof deck. However, if your home was built more than about 30 years ago, you probably have more traditional lumber boards for your roof deck. Sometimes those boards are just fine, and your roof can be reshingled with no problems.

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What is a roof deck?

: a flat portion of a roof used as a walk or terrace.

Does new roof include plywood?

If you are getting a new roof, while you may not necessarily need to have the plywood decking replaced, you should have it carefully inspected by a qualified roofing contractor. … When considering a contractor for your project, be sure to address the subject of plywood replacement, and what the cost per plank will be.

Is OSB stronger than plywood?

Wood fiber is used more efficiently in osb. Osb is stronger than plywood in shear. Shear values, through its thickness, are about 2 times greater than plywood.

What is the cheapest roof decking material?

Oriented strand board (OSB)

It comes in 4-by-8-foot panels, as does plywood, and is commonly used interchangeably with plywood, such as for roof decking. It is a little cheaper than plywood, which is why it is popular on housing tracts as a cost-saving measure.

How thick should roof decking be?

Roof sheathing comes in grid-marked 4-by-8-foot sheets, and should be installed perpendicular to the frame. Sheathing should be a minimum of 19/32-inch thick. Never attach roof sheathing with staples; 8d ring-shank nails should be used instead. The typical thickness range for sheathing is 3/8 to 3/4 inch.

How much does it cost to re deck a roof?

The national average range for replacing a roof is between $7,000 and $12,000, with most people paying around $9,000 for a 2,000 sq.

Roof Replacement Cost.

New Roof Cost
National average cost $9,000
Average range $7,000-$12,000
Minimum cost $3,500
Maximum cost $44,000
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What is the wood under a roof called?

The underside of this overhang, when given a finished appearance, is known as the soffit, which means “something fixed underneath”. The soffit is basically, any finishing material, such as wood or fiber cement, that is installed to cover the underside of your roof overhang.

What is the minimum thickness of roof sheathing?

Roof Sheathing Code Requirements

The minimum requirement for roof sheathing is ⅜” thick. There is no upper limit on how thick your roof substrate is. Thickness allowed depends on how far apart rafters or trusses are spaced and the rating of your roof decking.

How do I know if my roof deck needs replacing?

These common signs of damaged roof decking include:

  1. Visible holes in your roof.
  2. Signs of mold or mildew in your attic.
  3. Missing shingles.
  4. Roof sagging that’s visible from the exterior or interior.
  5. Curling and/or buckling shingles.
  6. Shingles that are wearing in a granular pattern.


What is the difference between rooftop and roof deck?

A roof deck is a rooftop patio or garden area. These outdoor, constructed spaces are located on the top of some homes, but are known mainly for being connected to the rooftop level apartments known as penthouses. … A roof deck is typically is a rooftop patio or garden area. The deck itself is often made of wood or vinyl.

How do I know if my roof decking is bad?

Other signs of this will be ceiling and wall spots, the material beginning to buckle and fall away, and similar issues. As it worsens, you may also see sagging rooflines and buckles or other deformations visible underneath the shingles or other materials, as well.

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