Quick Answer: How many roofing companies are there in the UK?

After extensive market research and engaging with a cross-sector group of 141 UK-based roofing contractors, the study identified that satisfying three key objectives would kick-start a revival in the roofing sector.

How many roofers are there in the UK?

There are over 63,000 roofers throughout the UK.

What is the biggest roofing company in the UK?

BriggsAmasco is UK’s leading national commercial roofing company. The largest roofing company in UK.

What is the biggest roofing company?

2019 Top 100 Roofing Contractors

Rank Company Name 2018 Revenue
1 CentiMark Corp. $670,522,512.00
2 Tecta America Corp. $570,000,000.00
3 Flynn Group of Cos. $249,804,343.00
4 Nations Roof $223,000,000.00

Do roofers need to be licensed UK?

There are no specific licences that you will need to work as a roofer, so if your business activities are going to fall within the usual range of services offered by this type of business you may not need to do anything further.

Do roofers make a lot of money?

Average Roofer Salary Per Year

Roofers made an average ​$22.03​ per hour, or ​$45,820​ per year, as of May 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The highest paid earned more than ​$34.10​ per hour or ​$70,920​ per year, though wages could fall below ​$12.76​ per hour or ​$26,540​ per year.

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Is there money in roofing UK?

Roofers living the high-life

Across the whole of the UK roofers are the highest earners, with an average turnover of £65,213. Joiners come in second at £56,386 and electricians take third place with an average £47,385.

Can roofers work without scaffolding?

In terms of accessing the roof suitable methods must be used. For simple jobs this may be a roof ladder, for more complicated jobs, working on roof without scaffolding is not recommended.

Should I scrape moss off my roof?

To avoid expensive repairs, moss should be removed from your roof tiles quickly if it is covering a significant area of your roof. Avoid pressure washing your roof to remove moss, as this could cause damage to the tiles and lead to the drenching of your roof interior.

Which roofing company is best?

Best Roofing Companies

  • Best Overall: CMR Construction & Roofing.
  • Best for Nationwide Coverage: Lowe’s.
  • Best for Residential: Aspen Contracting Inc.
  • Best for Commercial: Tecta America.
  • Best for Emergencies: Roof Connect.


Are roofers in demand?

Employment Outlook for Roofers

Employment of roofers is projected to grow 11 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Replacement and repair of roofs, as well as the installation of new roofs, will create demand for roofers.

Whats a good name for a roofing company?

Roofing Company Name Ideas

  • United Front Roofing.
  • All Seasons Roofing.
  • Rebel Roofing.
  • Fierce Roofing.
  • Hallmark Roofing.
  • Air Up There Roofing.
  • Storm Proof Roofers.
  • Safe n Secure Roofing.


How do I choose a roofer UK?

Choosing the right roofer

  1. Choose someone with lots of specific experience.
  2. Choose someone who inspects the area thoroughly.
  3. Get a detailed quote from each tradesman you’re considering.
  4. Find out whether a tradesman uses safety equipment properly.
  5. Make sure each tradesman is upfront about equipment hire costs.
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Should I pay a roofer upfront?

You should never pay for a roofing job upfront. You can pay a deposit, but the full amount shouldn’t be paid until the job is completed to your satisfaction.” … But if they botch the job and they have none of your cash, or you’ve only made a down payment, you can just pay someone else to do the job right.

How much do roofers get paid per hour UK?

How much does professional roofing cost? In the UK the national average rate to hire a roofer is £25 per hour. Keep in mind that this is an average estimate, the rates for your roofer may vary depending on their past experience working on roofing.

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