Question: What size does rubber roofing come in?

EPDM roofing comes to the project in rolls that can vary from 7.5 feet all the way up to 50 feet in width, depending on the size of the project. The material is often found in two thicknesses from 45 mm to 60 mm, each offering it’s own benefits.

How wide is rubber roofing?

BLACK EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane, 60 mil, 20 ft. wide (per foot)

How many square feet does a roll of rubber roofing cover?

EPDM Rubber Roofing Membranes 10′ x 50′ 500 sq. ft.
Black 45 and 60 mil thick 10′ x 100′ 1000 sq. ft.
White 60 mil thick 20′ x 100′ 2000 sq. ft.
Custom Larger widths
Membrane Adhesive 1 or 5-gallon pail 300 sq.ft./pail

What is the average cost of a rubber roof?

Average cost: $8,000 – $14,000

Rubber roofing costs anywhere between $8,000 to $14,000 to install depending on the slope, pitch, and size of your roof. You can expect to pay $4.25 to $8.25 per sq. foot or $425 to $8825 per square installed on a standard sized single story home.

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What size does EPDM come in?

The biggest sheet sizes available come from our ClassicBond® EPDM range. These sheets can be supplied in one continuous sheet up to 15.25 metres x 30.5 metres in the 1.2mm thick membrane and 15.25 metres x 15.25 metres in the 1.5mm thick membrane.

What is the life expectancy of a rubber roof?

A well-installed rubber roof is incredibly durable, lasting between 40 and 50 years if properly maintained. Of course, rubber roofs will last much longer if installed with proper drainage in mind.

How do you fit a rubber roof?

  1. Roof Deck Preparation. Clean the roof surface prior to installation. …
  2. Install Drip Batten. Install the Drip batten wherever a gutter is present. …
  3. Install Drip Back Drip Trim. The Drip Trim has a front and back piece. …
  4. Chase out Wall Upstand. …
  5. Relax Rubber Membrane. …
  6. Fold Membrane Halfway. …
  7. Apply Deck Adhesive. …
  8. Sweep EPDM Membrane.

Is rubber roofing cheaper than shingles?

Rubber roofing can go where typical asphalt roofing cannot due to its flexible nature. Rubber shingles can be more expensive than asphalt shingles, but they are cheaper than slate shingles and equivalently fire resistant.

What is the best glue for EPDM rubber?

Which industrial adhesive can be used to bond EPDM rubber? Cyanoacrylate adhesive is practically the only choice if you are looking for a high strength bond. Permabond recommends its 105 grade cyanoacrylate for this troublesome substrate.

How much does a roll of rubber roofing weight?

Weight: Rolls weigh 320 lbs. 50 foot rolls are available at 160 lbs.

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Can you walk on rubber roof?

Yes to an extent. EPDM is designed to take LIGHT foot traffic during installation and for occasional cleaning or maintenance. If you require more use than this, i.e. for a balcony then there are additional materials that can be laid over your EPDM for a more durable solution.

Are rubber roofs any good?

Rubber roofing is suitable for extreme conditions, giving you one of the most durable and reliable roofs available that typically lasts between 30-50 years. In time, you may find a felt flat roof can pick up moss and algae; the synthetic rubber doesn’t support the growth of moss so you are guaranteed a clear roof!

Are rubber roofs expensive?

The average cost for rubber roofing is $300-$400 per square. Although rubber roofing is more expensive, its lifespan is double that of asphalt roofing so over the long term it will actually cost less. It is more cost-efficient as well, which will save you money on your energy expenses.

What does .060 EPDM weigh?

060” thick single ply roofing membrane. Convenient 50 foot rolls weigh about 409 lbs.

How thick is EPDM roofing?

EPDM membrane is manufactured in various thicknesses (. 045″ to . 090″ thick) and is available as a non-reinforced or reinforced sheet (depending upon application). Other thicknesses are also available for use in non-roofing applications as a special order.

How much does EPDM roofing weight?

Roofing Material Weight Table

Weight of Roofing Materials
EPDM Roof Membrane 60-mil, Fully-Adhered (Membrane Only) 0.47 lbs 47 lbs
EPDM Roof Membrane 90-mil, Fully-Adhered (Membrane Only) 0.56 lbs 56 lbs
Gypsum Roof Board 1/2-Inch Thick 2.0 lbs 200 lbs
Ice and Water Shield Self-Adhering 0.29 lbs 29 lbs
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