How much roofing batten do I need?

How many battens do I need for my roof?

They should span at least three rafters and be at least 1.2m long. No more than one in four battens should be joined over one truss for gauges over 200mm. For gauges less than 200mm there can be a maximum of three consecutive joins in any twelve coursing of battens.

How do you calculate Batten?

Measure the distance (A) from the first, eaves course batten to the top course batten. Divide this distance by the maximum tile gauge. Round the answer up to the nearest whole number (B) – this gives the number of tile courses required. Divide A by B to determine the actual batten gauge.

How do you measure Batten roof spacing?

Batten spacing – Measure the distance between the top of the second batten and 30mm short of the top of the roof.

How many roof battens are in a bundle?

25mm x 50mm Blue Treated Roofing Batten 4.8m Length – Bundle of 10.

How much does it cost to re felt a batten roof?

Replacing a small patch of felt can cost from as little as £200 (equivalent of 4m2). However, if you have extensive damage and need to replace the felt for the whole roof that will cost you a lot more. The average cost of refelting a whole roof under tiles is around £4,800.

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Why are roofing battens blue?

Red, blue, green, gold: roofing battens are a colourful lot. … The reason our product is dyed blue is to distinguish it as meeting the necessary standard: it’s a colour commonly used by Nordic and Baltic suppliers. But it’s the BS5534 grading stamp, not the colour, that’s important.”

How do you work out Batten spacing for slates?

How do you work out Batten gauge for slates?

  1. Measure distance between top of eaves batten and top of ridge batten.
  2. Divide distance by maximum gauge of tile being used.
  3. Round figure up to give number of courses up slope as a whole number.
  4. Divide measured distance by number of courses to give batten gauge.


What is maximum tile gauge?

Tile Specification

The vertical surface is to be covered with Russell Plain Tiles laid to a maximum gauge of 115mm. Each tile must be twice nailed using 38 x 2.65mm aluminium alloy nails as per fixing specification. 267.

How much Batten do I need for plain tiles?

For double-lap clay and concrete tiles, the correct timber batten size is 38x25mm. Single lap installations should use 38x25mm batten for 450mm joist spans and 50x25mm batten for 600mm joist spans. Slates should always be installed double lap.

How much Batten do you need for a slate roof?

In most cases, irrespective of rafter spacings, 50 x 25mm battens should be used for our standard preholed fibre cement slates. Where BS 5534 suggests 38 x 25mm battens are acceptable, the slates should only be laid with 100 or 110mm lap.

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Should roof tiles be nailed down UK?

Every tile of the two rows at the eaves, those up the verges, and along the two rows of the ridge should be nailed, but beyond that it is only necessary to nail every fifth tile horizontally and every third tile as you move up the roof.

What size Batten do I need for a trellis?

Battens between 30mm and 60mm will give you ample depth and good rigidity. Make sure they’re also treated for outdoor use before fixing, then screw these to the fence or wall where the top and bottom of the trellis will sit (with an optional batten in the middle if you have a large structure to attach).

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