How many nails are in a roofing nail coil?

120 Nails/Coil.

What are roofing coil nails made of?

They are generally made of aluminum, stainless steel or copper, and they’re not as strong. The shank length you need depends on the roofing material. Use 1-inch (2.5 centimeters) nails for asphalt or fiberglass shingles; you’ll need longer nails for wood shingles, which are thicker.

How much does a box of coil roofing nails weigh?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Bostitch
Part Number ‎CR3DGAL
Item Weight ‎14.63 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎19 x 11 x 8 inches
Item model number ‎CR3DGAL

What are the best coil roofing nails?

Stainless steel coil nails are the top option for roofing nails, but at $150 a box they are more than double the price of the galvanized nails. Since they are stainless steel they will never rust, and you will not have to worry about roof leaks.

How many roofing nails are in a 50lb box?

QUANTITY: Packaging: 50 Lb. Box. About 8800 nails per box.

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Can you use aluminum nails for roofing?


Aluminum is a weaker metal than steel and copper. However, aluminum nails are still used on asphalt shingle roofing by some roofers. Aluminum nails are more prone to corrosion, as well as chemical and salt damage, than steel nails.

What size roof nails should use?

Fastener Size

The International Building Code requires that roofing nails have a minimum 12-gauge shank and a 3/8-inch diameter head.

What is the shortest roofing nail?

Short Nails in Shingles

  • The minimum fastener length for an asphalt shingle roof in Minnesota is 1-1/4″. …
  • When 1″ nails are used to fasten asphalt shingles to 1/2″ roof sheathing, only the very tip of the nail will penetrate the roof sheathing.


How many squares does a box of coil roofing nails cover?

Typical box count is 7,200 nails per box, with 120 per coil. That will do abount 21 squares.

How many nails are in a square of shingles?

Generally, you should use four nails per shingle in the field of the roof, and 5 nails per starter shingle. For regular three-tab shingles, this would require 320 nails per square for field shingles.

Is there a nail gun for roofing nails?

DEWALTPneumatic 15-Degree Coil Roofing Nailer w/Bonus 1-1/4 in. x 0.120 Gal. Galvanized Steel Coil Roofing Nails (7,200-Pack)

Should roofing nails go through the sheathing?

It is crucial that roofing nails of the correct length were used to secure the shingles. The sharp tip of the roofing nail should pass through and extend approximately 3/8-inch past the underside of the roof sheathing.

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What material are roofing nails coated with so they won’t rust?

When the nails come out of the molten zinc, they also have an additional coating of pure zinc on them. Zinc doesn’t rust, and the coating protects the steel from the ravages of water.

How big is a 16d nail?

A 2d nail is 1 inch long, for example, while a 16d nail is 3 1/2 inches long. Each higher number in the penny system represents a 1/4-inch length increase, up to a 12d nail (3 1/4 inches long).

How much does a 16d nail weigh?

The origin of the “d” symbol on nails Example: 100 3-1/2” nails = 16 pennies, or denarius. To this day, 3-1/2” nails are 16d (penny) nails. The other is that one thousand eight penny nails weighed 8 pounds, but this doesn’t exactly explain the length.

How much does a 16d nail weigh?

Size Common Finish
12D 50 90

What are 10d nails?

In the United States, the length of a nail is designated by its penny size, written with a number and the abbreviation d for penny; for example, 10d for a ten-penny nail. … Nails are still designated in penny sizes in the United States.

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