How long is a roof rake?

Pole Length: Most roof rakes come with adjustable poles that can be lengthened from 14 to 22 feet for snow removal and shortened to less than eight feet for storage.

How long of a roof rake do I need?

How do I know how long of a roof rake to get? When using a roof rake you typically stand as far back on the ground so you can see where you’re working. For example on a typical one story I stand about 6 feet back but on a second story you’ll need to stand 18′ or so back.

What’s the longest roof rake?

Minnsnowta Roof Razor is the largest and fastest snow roof rake.

Do roof rakes damage shingles?

You are not trying to scrape the shingles clean. You may damage them. Roof rakes have extension poles so you can reach the roof. … Your gutters and drains should be clear of snow and ice, but be careful to not rip them off the roof with the roof rake.

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How far do roof rakes extend?

The rakes wheels help you navigate the tool while it’s on the roof, and the telescopic handle can extend up to 20 feet.

Is roof raking bad?

A Never, never use a roof rake or try to shovel snow off a slanted roof. It will do no good, will not cure ice dams, is extremely hazardous and can harm asphalt shingles and, in your case, slate shingles. And it will take away snow that is a natural insulator as long as it stays on your house.

Do you really need to shovel your roof?

If you’re thinking about shoveling the snow off your roof, don’t. It’s dangerous and unnecessary, according to Syracuse University structural engineering professor Eric Lui. Syracuse, N.Y. — You may be tempted to climb up on your roof and shovel off all that snow that’s been building up this winter.

What are roof rakes for?

A roof rake is an excellent way to clear excess snow from the top of your home. Comprised of an extending handle and a blade, these simple tools allow you to remove snow from your roof while keeping both feet on the ground. … Slicer-blade roof rakes are designed to be pushed upward, rather than pulled down.

Does roof raking prevent ice dams?

Use a roof rake to remove snow from the roof, targeting the roof edge and any valleys where snow builds up. After ice dams have formed: If you haven’t already raked the roof, this will help by removing the source of the meltwater. Remove the snow as noted above.

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What is a roof shovel?

Most people assume you can use a standard snow shovel to clear the snow from your roof. … First, it forces you to climb onto your snowy, slippery roof. Also, a snow shovel is the last tool you should be using on your roof as it can seriously damage your shingles and flashing.

What is the best roof rake to buy?

  • Best Overall. True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake.
  • Best Overall. SNOWPEELER Roof Snow Removal Tool.
  • Runner Up. Garant Yukon 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake.
  • Also Consider. Avalanche! …
  • Best Overall. True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake.
  • Best Overall. SNOWPEELER Roof Snow Removal Tool.
  • Runner Up. …
  • Also Consider.

Does Walmart sell roof rakes?

Product TitleSEYMOUR MIDWEST PROVALUE 96721 Snow Roof Rake,21ft,4 … Product TitleWinado 20FT Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake Alumin … Product TitleBon 28-200 Snow Roof Rake – Polyethylene Blade 25 in … Product TitleDucklingup Snow Rake, Extendable Snow Remover Tool A …

How do I get rid of ice dams on my roof?

Getting rid of ice dams for good is simple, in principle: Just keep the entire roof the same temperature as the eaves. You do that by increasing ventilation, adding insulation, and sealing off every possible air leak that might warm the underside of the roof.

What is the difference between drip edge and rake edge?

Drip edge and rake edge are the first parts of the roof system to be installed. They form a long, narrow piece of metal, which is installed along the perimeter your Roof Deck. Drip edge goes along your eaves trough areas and rake edge goes along your gable ends.

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Does drip edge go on rakes?

It’s important to understand that drip edge installation is different for eaves and rakes. After your roof deck has been prepared, and before you install underlayment, you need to install drip edges at the eaves. You install drip edges on the rakes after you install the underlayment.

What are roof rakes and eaves?

Eaves—The lower edge of a roof (often overhanging beyond the edge of the house). … Rake—The slanting edge of a gable roof at the end wall of the house. Ridge—The horizontal line at the top edge of two sloping roof planes.

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