Frequent question: What is a fortified roof system?

FORTIFIED Roof (formerly FORTIFIED Bronze) helps homes better withstand severe weather by keeping the roof on and keeping water out. Based on years of research, FORTIFIED Roof protects against wind and wind-driven rain by: Improving roof sheathing attachment. Providing a sealed roof deck.

How much does a fortified roof cost?

Costs vary, according to Angie’s List, but $5,000 might be an average. That goes up depending on the area of the country, the square footage involved, the height of the house and whether the old roof needs to be removed.

What is fortified construction?

FORTIFIED is a voluntary construction and re-roofing program designed to strengthen homes and commercial buildings against specific types of severe weather such as high winds, hail, hurricanes and even tornadoes.

Can a fortified roof be metal?

Looking at all the facts of metal roofs, whether it’s a simple zinc roof, high-end stainless steel, or a retrofitted standing seam roof, Fortified Roofing – your local roofing contractor in Woodbridge, NJ – considers metal roofs to be an excellent choice for residential application.

What does it mean when a house is gold fortified?

FORTIFIED Gold includes all FORTIFIED Roof and Silver requirements and resists damage from category 3 hurricanes.

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How long does a fortified roof last?

Because FORTIFIED homes meet standards that are scientifically proven to withstand severe weather better than ordinary building codes, insurance companies sometimes provide a discount on the wind premium. To maintain the discounts, many of those companies require the designation to be renewed every 5 years.

Should I get a fortified roof?

When severe weather strikes, a FORTIFIED Roof™ keeps the wind and rain out, preventing a cascade of damage that can ruin your home and your belongings. … No matter what type of roof you have—such as shingle, metal, or tile—the following FORTIFIED Roof requirements will make your home stronger.

What is a fortified home discount?

If your house or business was built or updated to protect against serious weather like hurricanes, high winds and hail, and meets official FORTIFIED Home™ program standards, you may qualify for this modern, unique discount. FORTIFIED is an established standard for building homes to protect against severe weather.

How can I make my roof stronger?

Reinforce the Trusses

  1. Apply construction adhesive. Apply construction adhesive along the edge of the truss to strengthen the connection to the plywood roof deck. …
  2. Stiffen Trusses. …
  3. Brace gable ends. …
  4. 4a and 4b. …
  5. Clean out gutters. …
  6. Repair and caulk flashing. …
  7. Check for loose or damaged shingles. …
  8. Lift shingles or underlayment.


What makes a roof gold fortified?

FORTIFIED Gold ™ requires an extra level of documentation for doors and windows. Even though hurricane panels or impact rated windows and doors are already required, Gold level requires that the DP rating of the windows and doors be documented as well. Sometimes the stickers on the windows and doors have the DP rating.

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How do you become a fortified evaluator?

FORTIFIED Evaluators are certified after completing a comprehensive training course, passing a final exam, and meeting rigorous professional requirements. Only then are they qualified to help assess the condition of single-family, detached dwellings. earn more about FORTIFIED training and certifications.

What is Ibhs gold certification?

To be certified by the IBHS as Fortified, a building must be equipped with special features including wind- and fire-resistant roofing, hurricane straps and clips connecting the roof to the walls, impact and pressure resistant doors and windows, a securely anchored foundation, and landscaping techniques that reduce …

What is a fortified certificate?

The FORTIFIED method involves an inspection and verification process ensuring your home is built or re-roofed correctly. A FORTIFIED designation may qualify you for annual wind mitigation credit that could lower your insurance premium.

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