Can you staple lights to your roof?

“Using nails, screws, staples or other penetrating fasteners to secure decorations to your roof is definitely not a good idea,” said Alex Pecora, residential product manager for CertainTeed Roofing. “Any penetration through your roofing materials can lead to damaging leaks.”

Is it safe to staple Christmas lights to the roof?

When you’re hanging Christmas lights on a roof, you shouldn’t use any fasteners that puncture the shingle or any other part of the roof, such as nails, staples or screws. Even small holes in the shingles can create leaks.

How do you secure a roof light?

Invest In Plastic Clips

You can purchase specialized plastic clips that will attach to your roof without damaging it. There are a number of different types, but usually they clip onto your gutters or eaves. Sometimes they clip right onto the ends of your shingles.

Can I staple string lights?

Try using plastic clips instead of nails or staples. Plastic clips are the easiest way for hanging Christmas lights on the roof. You can also use a staple gun to hold them in place, but that also will make it more time consuming to remove after Christmas.

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How do I keep my icicle lights from blowing up on my roof?

Re: How to prevent wind gusts from blowing my icicle lights onto my roof? We use chicken wire for this problem. I cut strips about 1 1/2 to 2 feet wide, place one side under the bottom layer of your shingles and then fold it down over the gutter.

How can I hang Christmas lights without damaging my roof?

Plastic Clips are Your Friend

Instead, use plastic clips. There are a variety of clips that let you hang Christmas lights without causing damage to your roof or sides of your home. They work by clipping onto the gutters, shingles or eaves of your home.

How do you hang outdoor lights without nails?

One of the ways to hang outdoor patio lights without nails is using adhesive hooks or gutter hooks. Alternatively, you can tape or staple them to your wall. You can also hang them on trees, bushes, posts, potted plants, and your fence. Another way to brighten up your patio is by using lanterns.

How do you hang lights on a steep roof?

Using specially made exterior light hangers, such as shingle edge clips or gutter clips, to mount Christmas lights. They can be mounted without tools. Attach all of the clips on one section before hanging the lights makes the job easier. Buy light hangers wherever holiday decorations are sold.

How do I secure my roof decorations for Christmas?

Here’s what you need to know about roof decorating safety!

  1. Don’t Staple Your Lights: Clip Them On.
  2. Don’t Nail Your Shingles, Protect Them.
  3. Tie or Weigh Down Inflatables.
  4. Keep All Decorations Away From Other Objects.
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What is skylight roofing?

Skylight, Roof opening covered with translucent or transparent glass or plastic designed to admit daylight. … Flat-roofed buildings may have domed skylights; in others the skylight follows the slope of the roof. Often the skylight, or a portion of it, functions as an operating window to admit air.

How do you hang Christmas lights on a clay tile roof?

Clay Shingle Tiles: Lights can be attached to slate, flat or barrel style roof tiles using a tile roof clip. Simple and quick install: the light clips to one end, and the other end clips to a roof tile. Ridges built into the clip help to hold it in place without applying enough pressure to damage the roofing tile.

What staples to use for string lights?

Stainless steel staples are recommended to help reduce rusting. When you remove your lights, be sure that you take out all the staples, as rusting can leave rust stains on most any type of surface.

How do you fasten outdoor string lights?

However, you can spruce up your backyard or outdoor space without using a drill or staple gun in one of these ways:

  1. Drape your string lights between tree branches. …
  2. Hang string lights in or on shrubs. …
  3. Line pathways or walkways with string lights. …
  4. Use painter’s tape to fasten string lights beneath a deck railing.

How do you staple outdoor lights?

Make certain that no lights are plugged into the outlets while securing to your porch. Use Arrow’s T59 insulated cable staple gun to secure the strands, fastening every 6 to 8 inches for a secure hold.

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