Best answer: Is colorbond roof steel?

For over 50 years, COLORBOND® – developed by BlueScope Steel and leading paint companies – has undergone Australian research and development in some of the harshest weather conditions on the planet. In these regions, corrosive environments and high solar intensity can take a toll on painted products.

Is colorbond roofing steel or Aluminium?

Is Colorbond aluminium or steel? Colorbond is a very durable steel product. It does not have the same shiny aluminium aesthetic other metal roofing materials have.

What is a Colorbond roof made of?

Metal roofs constructed from Colorbond sheeting are growing in popularity every day. Colorbond is a coated steel roofing material manufactured by BlueScope steel. This hard-wearing material is extremely long lasting and performs better in all types of weather, able to easily shed rain and withstand high winds.

Is colorbond steel?

As a pre-painted steel material with a Zincalume core, Colorbond is strong yet lightweight. Manufactured by BlueScope Steel Limited, strict design, manufacturing and testing procedures are followed to ensure it is built to last. With its long lifespan, Colorbond steel is used on roofs across Australia.

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Is colorbond Galvanised steel?

The question is often asked when the use of galvanised steel is essential and when is it suitable to use COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME®. This document aims to provide a general guide. … This paint process is now applied to ZINCALUME® as the most commonly used sheet metal and its trade name is COLORBOND®.

What is the best colorbond roof Colour?

8 of the most popular Colorbond Colours

  • Monument.
  • Basalt.
  • Jasper.
  • Woodland Grey.
  • Surfmist.
  • Paperbark.
  • Cream.
  • Manor Red.

Do colorbond roofs fade?

Like anything that is not given time and attention, your Colorbond roof will fade if not looked after properly. Old photos left in the sun will fade; old paint also fades. So whether or not your Colorbond fades over time will in part be answered by the amount of care you give to your roof.

Is colorbond good for roof?

Through thorough testing and assessment, Colorbond roofing is ideal for conditions in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region. It is made to withstand harsh weather conditions. Because it is lightweight, it is safer than any other material, especially heavy tiles.

How long does a Colorbond roof last?

Lifespan – Colorbond roofs can have a life expectancy of up to 70 years whereas tile roofs are easily damaged and prone to cracking under typical Australian weather extremes.

Can you paint colorbond roof?

Colorbond can easily be restored and re-painted, provided the correct paint is used and the work is executed by a professional. Repainting a Colorbond roof requires a particular process and practice. Executing this process is not something a homeowner will be able to do alone.

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Is Lysaght a colorbond?

LYSAGHT® Roofing & Walling is manufactured from COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel. LYSAGHT Roof Sheeting and Wall Cladding come in a range of profiles to suit any architectural style.

Is colorbond fire proof?

What is the Fire Rating of COLORBOND® steel? COLORBOND® steel does not have a Fire Rating.

How do I know if my colorbond is real?

… If you turn the Colorbond roof sheet upside down and take a close look at the light grey surface, you will see faint colorbond imprint lines. This is the evidence that the material is genuine Colorbond.

Can Aluminium touch colorbond?

Lead Contact

Pure zinc or aluminium are suitable alternatives as they are both compatible with COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel, although typically neither are as malleable as lead.

Is colorbond bushland still available?

A number of colours are being transitioned to the secondary colour palette and we are steadily reducing our stocks of Bushland®, Headland®, Loft®, Sandbank® and Wilderness® ….”

What Colour is Surfmist colorbond?

Surfmist® Surfmist® embodies qualities of freshness, purity timelessness and independency. Snow, the mist from the sea and surf, pure white sand, and the billowing sails of yachts all remind us of this colour.

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