Do Thule roof racks lock?

Quick FAQ Answer. Thule roof racks generally come with two to four locks that utilize a key to securely attach the rack to your car. … The key is the size of a normal house key and can be added to your key chain to take with you when you leave the car and your rack system.

Are Thule locks secure?

Thule Van Lock

A high quality security lock for rear and sliding side doors.

Can you lock a Thule bike rack?

You can add the Thule Cable Lock # TH538XT to also secure your bikes to the rack.

How many locks do I need for Thule roof rack?

You will need 4 lock cores like the part # TH450400 that you referenced to secure the rack to your vehicle.

Do I need locks for my roof rack?

Roof rack locks are recommended for when you need to use your roof rack, but when you’re not using the rack, you should take it off the car and store it in your garage. … Some roof racks have no way of permanently securing to your vehicle; some have built-in locks.

Are all Thule locks the same?

In order to have all your Thule lock cores keyed alike, all the locks should use the same lock core. The number on the lock is the key number. If one of the locks you’ve got has the number “N082” stamped on it, and you’d like additional locks that use that same key, you’d order part # THLOCKN082.

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Do Thule locks work with Yakima?

Optional locks for RockyMounts products. In other words, Thule accessories will work perfectly well on Yakima, but it will depend on the age and style. They also look sleek and elegant.

What is snug Tite lock?

Locks to receiver. Eliminates movement. 1 One-Key lock cylinder included to lock the carrier to the truck. For use with T2, Vertex, Doubletrack, Revolver, Ridgeline, Roadway and Parkway hitch bike racks and Transporter Combi hitch cargo carriers.

Are Thule locks universal?

Thule master keys are universal, so use one from another Thule product (if you have one) or borrow one from a friend.

Can Thule keys be copied?

The Thule utilizes a key blank which the majority of hardware stores do not carry. The blank is an X132. Almost any locksmith carries this key and can duplicate it.

Can you remove Thule locks?

The Thule Universal Change Key D1251 is used to insert or remove Thule One-Key lock cores from Thule lock housings. … If you are trying to remove or swap a lock that is in the locked position, you must first unlock it using your like-numbered Thule key.

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