Your question: What does a bundle of tamko Heritage shingles weigh?

Brand Per Square Per Bundle
GAF $80 – $120 $30 – $40

How much does a bundle of tamko shingles weigh?

These Tamko laminated roofing shingles weigh about 205 lbs/square.

How much does a bundle of shingles weight?

A single square can weigh between 150-240 pounds, with a single bundle being between 50-80 pounds.

How much does a bundle of fiberglass shingles weigh?

Roofing square weight

One bundle of architectural shingles weighs between 60 and 80 pounds (while 1 bundle of 3 tab shingles weighs between 45-60 lbs.)

How many shingles are in a bundle of tamko heritage?

Shingle sizes† 12-1/4″ × 36″ Perforated Shingle size 12-1/4″ × 12″ Exposure 5-1/8″ Each Bundle Contains 26 Shingles Linear feet per bundle†† 33.31 SHINGLES BEGIN TO AGE AS SOON AS THEY ARE EXPOSED TO NATURE.

How much does a bundle of tamko shingles cost?

Calculating Prices Per Brand

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Brand Per Square Per Bundle
Tamko $60 – $200 $20 – $70
Landmark by Certainteed $80 – $150 $30 – $50
Owens Corning $80 – $120 $30 – $40
Timberline by GAF $80 – $120 $30 – $40

How many square feet does a bundle of tamko shingles cover?

If the shingles you are using come three bundles to a square, calculating the number of bundles you’ll need is simple. Each bundle covers 33.3 sq. ft. of roof area—close enough to the 32 sq.

How many shingles are in a bundle?

The number of shingles in a bundle varies anywhere from 15 up to 29 shingles. Since some manufacturers of asphalt shingles make thicker shingles, they sometimes opt to have 4 bundles per 100 square feet of roof. Therefore these bundles will contain fewer shingles.

How much does a bundle of shingles cover?

In the roofing industry, squares refer to 100-foot portions of roofing. A single bundle of shingles usually contains enough to cover 33 square feet.

How much is 35 squares of shingles?

The average cost to install shingles is $5,250-$15,250, with the average homeowner paying $6,960 to install architectural asphalt shingles on a 1,500-square-foot roof.

Roof Shingles Cost per Square.

Number of Squares Cost (Including labor)
35 squares $7,000 – $17,500

What does 8 squares of shingles weigh?

Architectural shingles weigh about 400 lbs per square

# of Squares Approximate Weight Recommended Dumpster
10 Squares 2 Tons 15 Cubic Yard
20 Squares 4 Tons 15 or 20 Cubic Yard
30 Squares 6 Tons 30 Cubic Yard
40 Squares 8 Tons 30 Cubic Yard
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How much is a bundle of shingles at Lowe’s?

The Onduvilla shingles cost about $50 per bundle (20 sq. ft.) or $250 per square, with 10 pieces in each bundle. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot stores provide all the roofing accessories including underlayments and Ice-and-Water shields, ridge caps, and vents, to make for a complete roofing system.

How much does a bundle of Owens Corning Duration shingles weight?

Nominal Size 183⁄4″ x 38″ Nominal Weight 360 lbs. Exposure 83⁄8″ Shingles per Square 45 Bundles per Square 5 bundles of 9 shingles Coverage per Square 99.5 sq. ft.

What class are tamko Heritage shingles?

The Heritage IR shingle is classified by UL for compliance with UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance, featuring the same Heritage color and style you love. Featuring TAMKO’s proprietary granule mix and unique color drops, Heritage IR shingles deliver vivid color and texture to enhance your roof.

How many feet does tamko hip and ridge cover?


Color Weathered Wood
Coverage 234 per 100 lineal feet
Type Hip and Ridge Shingle

Is tamko shingles any good?

TAMKO is a quality shingle and ranks the highest in my book. Ten years ago, I used a mixture of CertainTeed, GAF, TAMKO and Owens Corning. I switched to TAMKO first because of color choices. I always thought TAMKO had the best colors on the market.

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