Why there is a danger of blowing away of thatched roofs in summer class 7?

Why there is a danger of blowing away of thatched roof in summer?

During summer, due to sun rays and heat, water content in thatched roofs will go off and it will become very dry. Due to this, the weight of the thatched leaves will come down drastically and will blowing away even for small wind.

Why there is a danger of blowing?

Blowing with compressed air can result in elevated noise levels that can be harmful to both the operator as well as the surrounding persons. Both short and repeated blowing operations can be harmful and result in hearing damage and tinnitus.

Why the thatched roofs of huts are blown off during high winds?

Solution : When winds blow over a weak thatched roof, it creates a low pressure over it and a high pressure inside the hut causing the roof to blow off. Opening the doors and windows reduces this pressure difference and prevents the roof from being blown off.

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Can you guess why the shape of the can gets distorted?

Let us now try to explain why the can (or the bottle) gets distorted. As water is poured over the can, some steam in the can condenses into water, reducing the amount of air inside. The pressure of air inside the can decreases than the pressure exerted by the air from outside the can.

What is Tornado Class 7?

Answer: A tornado is a violent windstorm circling around the centre of a low pressure area. It is a rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground.

Why are roofs blown off when there is a strong wind class 7?

Give a reason for your answer.

If high-speed winds blow over the roofs of houses, they will reduce the air pressure above the roofs. And if the roofs of houses are weak, then higher air pressure from below lift up the roofs which can then be blown away by the fast winds.

What is Bernoulli’s theorem state and prove?

Bernoulli’s principle states that an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in static pressure or a decrease in the fluid’s potential energy. To prove Bernoulli’s theorem, consider a fluid of negligible viscosity moving with laminar flow, as shown in Figure.

Why do roofs blown off during a hurricane?

What occurs is when wind gusts blow across the roof, they make the air to churn and it creates circular currents. These circular currents generate a push-pull force on the roof and tugs on it. Atmospheric pressure is the primary component responsible for roofs blowing off.

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Why does the shape of the bottle gets distorted when we pour hot water into it?

On pouring hot water in a plastic bottle , its inside expands due to the heat of the water. However, since plastic bottle is a poor conductor of heat, this heat can not transferred to the outer surface of the plastic bottle. This means that from inside plastic is expanding but not from outside.

What is the main purpose of doing crushing can experiment?

The extremely low pressure of the partial vacuum inside the can made it possible for the pressure of the air outside the can to crush it. A can is crushed when the pressure outside is greater than the pressure inside, and the pressure difference is greater than the can is able to withstand.

What happens when air exerts pressure on our body?

The pressure exerted by air on all bodies at all times in all directions is called air pressure. When air moves at high speeds, it creates a low pressure area. The air inside a balloon exerts pressure in all directions, and makes it blow up. Air opposes the motion of a moving object.

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