What kind of roofs do these houses have?

What kind of roofs do these houses have why are they made like this?

Why are they made like this? Answer:These houses have slant roofs. They are made like this so that the water does not stay at the roof and create leaks.

What kind of roofs do the house have?

Ans. Both the houses have slanting roofs. 7. How do roofs help in their areas?

What kind of roofs do stilt houses have?

The basic choice for people to make: It is really not a surprise to say that stilt houses should have slopped roofs. These houses are mainly seen constructed in the tropics. Now, tropics are known for their heavy duty rain.

Why do House in Assam have slanting roof?

Bhupen introduced himself and said that Assam is a place where there is heavy rainfall, and so all the houses are made on strong bamboo pillars. … It is because it prevents water from entering inside the house during heavy rainfall. These kinds of houses have sloping roofs so that the water can flow down.

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Why do houses in hilly areas have sloping roofs Class 3?

Ans- Houses have sloping roof in hilly areas to prevent snow and water from collecting on the roof.

Why do you think Mia was carrying her brother?

Why do you think Meena was carrying her brother? Answer: Meena was carrying her brother on her back because he was unable to walk and she loved him very much.

What does a good house have?

The design of the interiors should be ergonomic

Ergonomic design and well utilized space are two of the most important aspects of an ideal house. A well-designed interior built with ergonomic design, with good space utilization can help make the rooms more spacious.

Why do we need a house Class 2?

House is a place in which we live. All living being such as animals birds humans, need a place to live. It keeps us safe from bad weather such as rain, sunlight, storm and other natural disasters. That’s why we need a house.

How do roofs help in their area?

Roofs in their areas are slanting. … When water or snow falls on these roofs, they slide off the roof to the ground. This avoids the accumulation of snow or water on the roof.

Where are stilt houses found?

Stilt houses are houses built on elevated platforms. They can be built in a variety of locations, but are commonly found in tropical climate countries. Stilt houses are usually constructed above water, but they may also be built on sand or dry land.

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Where all have you seen telephones?

Where all have you seen telephones? Ans. Telephone booth, school, home, hospital, offices.

Who fetches water in your home?

12. Who fetches and stores water in your house? Ans. Parents.

WHO adopted Tara?

Mandira Bedi: After a Year of Adopting Tara Mandira Bedi Shares How Well Her 4-Year-Old Has Been Adjusting to the New Life.

How does Ravi Bhaiya know so many things without seeing?

How does Ravi bhaiya come to know so many things without seeing? Answer: Ravi bhaiya comes to know so many things without seeing because he (in general, the blind people) has good hearing skills.

What is a house Class 3?

Houses are made of wood, bricks, cement, steel and glass. … Roof and walls are made of steel, bricks and cement. Our house protects us from the Sun, rain, wind, snow, animals and enemies. Different types of houses are bungalows, flats, cottage, hut, igloo, houseboat, mansion, etc.

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