What is synthetic slate roofing made of?

They’re made by injection-molding petroleum-based materials into metal forms that are cast from authentic slate. Some brands of synthetic slate shingles are manufactured with virgin rubber or plastic, while other products incorporate recycled rubber or plastic, mineral dust or cellulose fibers.

Is synthetic slate any good?

Sometimes synthetic slate shingles may be even more durable than authentic slate, because they have been treated with advanced ultraviolet inhibitors to reduce wear from the sun. Most synthetic slate roofs are certified for the highest level of impact resistance and fire resistance for roofing materials.

Can you walk on synthetic slate roof?

The lightweight, single-piece construction of REVIA™ slate roof tiles makes them much easier to install than real slate. The fact that roofing contractors can walk on the synthetic tiles without fear of damaging them makes a huge difference.

How much does a synthetic slate roof cost?

Material prices range from $350-475 per square. If you use copper for valleys, drip edge, pipe boots, and flashing, then the cost can go as high as $525-600 per square. By comparison you would spend at least $35,000 on a natural slate roof of the same size.

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How long does a composite slate roof last?

Composite/synthetic slate roofs are eco-friendly, usually manufactured from recycled materials, helping to reduce the congestion in landfills. The composite shingle life expectancy is around 50 years. Maintenance is minimal and can be performed by the average roofer.

What is the best roof slate?

Welsh slate is considered by many as the best natural slate in the world. Welsh slate is available in either heather (purple) or blue-grey. Penrhyn slate has a beautiful soft blue/purple appearance and can be expected to last more than 100 years.

Are slate roofs better than tiles?

Slates or tiles – do you know the difference? … The most crucial difference is that natural roofing slate is exactly that – a natural product, whilst tiles – whether concrete or clay – are manufactured. Therefore for those looking for an authentic rustic look, slate tiles may well be the more appealing choice.

How much does slate cost?

Cost of Slate Tile Per Square Foot

The average price of slate tiles is roughly $4 per square foot, and more expensive materials cost up to $10 per square foot. If money isn’t an object for your project, you can even buy very high-end slate flooring materials at $15 to $28 per square foot.

Are slate shingles expensive?

Slate tile roofing cost per square is about $6,000 to $8,000 installed, though some estimates are a little more conservative, at anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 per square. That makes for a huge initial investment if you choose slate roofing tile for your home, at least five times that of more conventional materials.

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When should I replace slate roof tiles?

Slate roofs are designed to last 100 years or more, and when regularly inspected and properly maintained can easily reach this age. To reach this milestone, broken cracked or missing slates should be replaced promptly by an experienced slater to prevent more serious damage.

Are slate roofs worth it?

Benefits of a Slate Roof

Slate is valuable because of its longevity and aesthetic appeal. … Slate is one of the few roofing options that doesn’t need to be replaced within the span of a lifetime. In most environments, slate shingles will last at least 125 years and sometimes as long as 200 years.

Does a slate roof add value?

Increased Home Value

Because slate roofs are made of a premium material that is durable, long lasting, and beautiful, having a slate roof can increase your house’s value. This is especially helpful when selling your house, as it can help you command a higher price than a comparable house with an asphalt roof.

Does Home Depot sell Slate?

Slate Tile – Natural Stone Tile – The Home Depot.

How do you maintain a slate roof?

Regular maintenance should include cleaning gutters at least twice during the fall and once in early spring, and replacing damaged slates promptly. Every five to seven years inspections should be conducted by professionals experienced in working with slate and steep slopes.

Should I replace my slate roof with asphalt?

Of course, over the typical 75-year lifespan of a soft slate roof, you would need to replace a cheap asphalt roof 3 to 4 times. Even so, that’s a savings of nearly $15,000 over 75 years. If you want a nicer asphalt roof that looks a little more like slate, you could opt for architectural shingle.

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What is the longest lasting roof?

The NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) rates slate as by far the longest lasting roofing material, with a life expectancy of 150+ years, followed closely by clay and concrete at roughly 100 years.

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