What is roof cladding?

Timber roof cladding is simply the use of wood cladding on the roof of the home. Laid in what’s typically called a “shiplap” installation, the timber roof cladding provides a watertight, sleek surface for the roof that protects the home or building from the elements, while enhancing its style.

What are the different types of roof cladding?

There are four common types of roofing sheet to consider, and these are as follows:

  • Metal Roof Sheets. Whether for use atop a garden building or to adorn your garage and protect your pride and joy, metal roof sheets are a fantastic option. …
  • Plastic Roof Sheets. …
  • Polycarbonate Roof Sheets. …
  • Corrugated Roof Sheets.


Is Roof considered cladding?

Roof cladding is the layer of material which makes up the external surface of a roof. … In Australia, steel, concrete tiles and terracotta tiles are the most popular material for cladding, although many other options exist, including things like slate.

What is metal roof cladding?

Metal cladding is a type of exterior cladding made of metal. Exterior cladding is basically the protective outer covering on buildings. … Although you can use exterior metal cladding systems for metal wall cladding, many people choose to use unique metal cladding systems for their roofs.

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What’s plastic roof called?

Polycarbonate is a very strong and resilient thermoplastic material. Polycarbonate is also very lightweight and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Due to these qualities it makes for an effective roofing material for many applications.

Which is best sheets for roofing?

Foam backed polycarbonate and clear polycarbonate roofing options are the most commonly used types of polycarbonate sheets.

  • Foam-backed polycarbonate roof sheets are lightweight and durable. …
  • Clear polycarbonate sheets are installed in patios, sunrooms and places that need natural light through the roof.


What is the purpose of roof cladding?

Roof cladding is used in order to give your roof a weatherproof layer and to stop water and other elements from entering your home. As well as the protection aspect of the roof cladding, it is also used to provide a decorative element to your home.

How do you insulate a roof?

An alternative way to insulate your loft is to fit the insulation between and over the rafters – these are the sloping timbers that make up the roof itself. You can use rigid insulation boards, carefully cut to size, or you can have foam insulation sprayed between the rafters.

What is zinc cladding?

Zinc is an ideal standing seam roof material and can be applied to many different types of roof. It comes in natural (bright), pre-weathered and pigmented finishes.

How do I keep my roof sheets straight?

It is important that you keep the gutter-end of all sheets in a straight line. Fix the sheet by either: Fixing each sheet completely, before laying the next; or. Fix the sheet sufficiently to ensure it can’t move, complete laying all sheets, then return to place all the intermediate fasteners later.

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How thick should a purlin be?

How to Install Purlins. In order for the sheets to be easily fixed to the purlins, as a rough guide they should be at least 50mm wide. When positioned, roof purlins should be spaced no further than 1.2 metres apart when using sheeting with a thickness of 0.7mm, and 1 metre when using 0.5mm sheeting.

How much should a corrugated roof overlap?

Overlap of 1 corrugation recommended, it yields overall coverage of 48″. If overlap needed in sheet length, we recommend 4″ overlap. Do not apply sealants on overlapping panels, it will cause unsightly dirt streaks. Procedure: Begin by installing roof sheet.

What metal roof is best?

5 Types of Metal Roofing Materials

  1. Copper — Extremely long-lasting, very soft with low melting temperature.
  2. Aluminum — Long-lasting, resistant to salt water corrosion.
  3. Zinc — Extremely long-lasting, resistant to corrosion and lowest melting point.


How long does a Colorbond roof last?

Lifespan – Colorbond roofs can have a life expectancy of up to 70 years whereas tile roofs are easily damaged and prone to cracking under typical Australian weather extremes.

Is colorbond steel or Aluminium?

Is Colorbond Steel or Aluminium? Colorbond fencing material is steel. In its base, it has a steel core that resembles Zincalume and a top coat that is lead-free paint. While Zincalume is for the most part aluminium and zinc, this is not enough to say that colorbond is aluminium.

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