What ice melt can I use on my roof?

As an effective ice and snow melter, this product works quickly to melt ice on your roof. This product is effective enough to be used in commercial applications.

Is it OK to put ice melt on roof?

Putting rock salt and ice melt directly on your roof will damage shingles, but by filling the socks with salt and ice melt, tying them off and sticking a few in your gutters, it will help clear them out. … While it’s rarer, ice damming can also occur on roofs without gutters.

What salt is safe for roofs?

If you want to use a deicer, however, the best choice is calcium chloride. Calcium chloride works down to -25° F (-31.67° C), melts ice faster than rock salt, and is less damaging to your property.

What ice melt is safe for asphalt shingles?

In our experience, magnesium chloride is the safest and all-around best “easy to find” ice melt you can use in an absolute emergency.

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What kind of ice melt is safe for roofs?

Make sure the ice melt product you buy contains only calcium chloride, which is safe for shingles and vegetation.

How do you get rid of ice dams fast?

The Best Ways To Get Rid of Ice Dams

  1. Use hot water: Running hot water over the ice dam, gently, will melt it and allow the water to drain out through the gutters.
  2. Install heat cable: You can have heat cables installed on the roof in the summertime which will then be there come cold weather to melt the ice dam for you.

Should you knock down icicles?

Don’t knock large icicles off your gutters, but be aware they may be a sign of ice dams forming. … Don’t try to remove thick, long icicles from your gutters, experts say. You could wind up injuring yourself – falling chunks of ice are unpredictable – or damaging to your home. Leave them be, but keep an eye on them.

Does calcium chloride hurt your roof?

While calcium chloride does melt ice, it can also damage your roof over time. It can corrode your roofing nails, which leads to exactly the same problem you would have with ice dams: loose shingles.

How do you melt ice on a metal roof?

Use Warm Water

Put the warm water inside the bottle and spray it on directly to the ice formations until it melts. The idea is to melt the ice dams so that the roof and gutters can drain them like before. Safety reminder: Handle hot or warm water with care to avoid accidents.

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Is magnesium chloride safe on a roof?

Is your roof asphalt shingles? Most common high performance ice melters such as magnesium chloride or calcium chloride will certainly melt the ice, but they may also cause staining of the shingles and could also cause corrosion of the gutters, aluminum siding, or fasteners.

Do roof ice melt tablets work?

They will melt some of the snow and dissolve in the liquid created from this melting. This water mixture will then drain down the roof to the ice dam and work its way through to the gutter or edge of the roof creating a tiny path for water to drain away. You won’t see much happening, but they do work.

How do you treat ice dams on your roof?


  1. Remove the ice dam by breaking it free in small chucks. Do NOT use an ax or other sharp tool! …
  2. Clear out gutters and downspouts. …
  3. Melt troughs through the ice dam with calcium chloride ice melter.

How long does it take for roof melt to work?

FAST ACTING: Begins working within 1 Hour of application. Roofmelt begins to work when it comes into contact with snow and ice, the Roofmelt and water mixture begin to melt away the existing ice dam. Water drains from the roof to the ground, the ice dam and snow are safely eliminated.

How do you melt ice dams in gutters?

Hot-Water Method

Another method for removing ice dams in your gutters is to simply use hot water to melt the ice. While not a long-term solution, this option can deliver fast results.

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