What can I plant in my roof garden?

What plants are good for rooftop gardens?

A Few Great Plants for Rooftop Gardens

  • Flowers: Transform your roof into a colorful flower garden with roses, begonias, petunias or pansies. …
  • Veggies: Why not actually grow something edible? …
  • Herbs: Some of the easiest potted plants to grow, including basil, chive, parsley, thyme and mint.


What can you grow on a rooftop?

Strawberries and some vegetables like small-fruited patio tomatoes can even be grown in hanging baskets. If you have a perfect place for a green wall, try a mix of lettuces or herbs. Another option for rooftop and patio gardens is planting edibles in hanging baskets, and strawberries are ideally suited for this.

Can I put plants on my roof?

The easiest and most personal approach to rooftop gardening is the use of containers and raised beds. 1 You can create any style of rooftop garden with container grown plants, from a few simple herb plants to a formal, elegant potager.

Can you grow vegetables on roof?

To grow edible plants on a roof, it is important to use large pots, filled with rich but light soil that has a good water and nutrient holding capacity. … Also, place the vegetable plants you’re growing in a sunny part of the roof as most of them require at least six hours of light to grow and develop properly.

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How do I put a garden on my roof?

Tips for Starting a Rooftop Garden:

  1. Start with a plan. …
  2. Consult with the building engineer. …
  3. Check into access. …
  4. Use sturdy materials. …
  5. Find a water source. …
  6. Look for storage space. …
  7. Pick the right planting medium.

How do you prepare soil for a rooftop garden?

The right mix of soil requires regular soil, compost coir peat (or sand) and vermicompost in equal quantities. “After the heavy rains make sure you add essential nutrients back to the soil as water tends to wash them away. You can add compost every week or so to make sure the soil has enough nutrition,” Dr. Kadur says.

What is a good tree to plant in a planter?

10 Top Trees to Grow in Containers

  • Citrus. Citrus of all kinds — most commonly lemons, limes, kumquats, oranges and tangerines — can be grown in large containers and make pretty accents on patios, in herb gardens or tucked into a garden bed. …
  • Conifers. …
  • Edible Fig. …
  • Japanese Maple. …
  • Olive. …
  • Palo Verde. …
  • Privet. …
  • Southern Magnolia.

What are the critical elements of a rooftop garden?

6 Tips for Starting a Rooftop Garden

  • Soil – in order to grow your plants, you need to have the right soil. …
  • Pots and containers – the next thing you need to consider is what containers and pots to use for your plants. …
  • Drainage – don’t forget that your containers need to allow water drainage.


Is my roof strong enough for a green roof?

Before you begin, you need to make sure that your existing shed roof is strong enough to take any extra weight. Typically, a basic lightweight green roof will weigh between 60 to 150 kg per square metre, and it will eventually increase when saturated with rain or snow. … As for the roof, it must also be waterproofed.

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What plants do best in full sun?

Some good full sun border plants that are well suited to most areas include:

  • yarrow.
  • shasta daisy.
  • coreopsis.
  • purple coneflower.
  • blanket flower.
  • Russian sage.
  • butterfly weed.
  • lavender.


Can I convert my roof to a green roof?

If you want your roof to function as a garden and have large plants and even water features, then the intensive green roof is for you. With this type of roof, planting mediums are much deeper, which can be between seven and 24 inches, and can consist of lawn, shrubs, trees, and perennials (for example).

What do you mean by growing vegetables on the roof?

Rooftop farming, popularly known as “Kaushi Kheti” is the cultivation of different food crops in the roof of buildings which is usually done in the city areas where there is no adequate agricultural lands.

Are rooftop gardens safe?

The structure and weight of a roof garden can cause problems for the overall building. … Most building roofs will require proper reinforcement before a roof garden can be grown safely. High roof gardens may have problems with high winds damaging plants and young seedlings.

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