What are the parts of a roof frame?

What are the parts of roof framing?

The main structural parts of a roof are ceiling joists, ridge board, jack rafter, hip rafter, common rafters, creeper rafters, raking plates, out riggers and noggings or last rafter overhang. Tie-down fixings are used to resist uplift and shear forces (lateral loads) in floor framing, wall framing and roof framing.

What are the roof parts called?

What Are The Parts Of A Roof Called?

  • Shingles. Made from many different materials, they form the outer protection of the roof from the elements and give character to the dwelling.
  • Joint Covers aka Flashing. …
  • Plumbing Vent. …
  • Deflector. …
  • Roof Vents. …
  • Drip Edge. …
  • Underlay Membrane. …
  • Valley.


What are the parts of a rafter?

A common rafter has three basic parts you need to become familiar with:

  • Plumb cut, typically called the ridge cut, at the top end of the rafter.
  • Birdsmouth, which consists of two cuts – a horizontal seat cut and a vertical shoulder cut.
  • Tail cut, which may be cut plumb or square, depending on how the eaves are detailed.
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What are the 3 types of trusses?

Common types of roof truss

  • King Post truss. A king post truss is typically used for short spans. …
  • Queen Post truss. A queen post truss is typically a vertical upright with two triangles either side. …
  • Fink truss. …
  • Double Pitch Profile truss. …
  • Mono Pitch Truss. …
  • Scissor Truss (also known as Vaulted Truss) …
  • Raised Tie Truss.

What are the features of roof framing plan?

A roof plan is used to show the shape of the roof . The roof framing plan is similar to the roof plan but in addition to showing the shape of the structure and the outline of the roof, it also shows the size and direction of the framing members use to frame the roof.

What is the middle of a roof called?

The ridge is the peak where two sloped roof sections meet. Part of a roof’s frame, a ridge board runs horizontally along the peak of a sloped roof. Essentially the spine of a conventional stick-framed roof, the ridge board is sandwiched between the meeting ends of the roof rafters.

What is a four sided roof called?

A mansard roof is a four-sided roof with a double slope on each side forming a low-pitched roof. A mansard roof can help create extra living space. A garret is a full attic or living quarters that can be used.

What is it called where two roofs meet?

Valley—Where two sloping roof sections meet. Valley Flashing—The metal or fabric in valleys, extending in under the shingles on both sides.

What are 5 parts of the roof frame?

These five components include the roof covering, sheathing, roof structure, flashing and drainage.

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What are three methods of determining roof bevels?

Common rafter run + common rafter run = Hip run. Hip run + rise = Hip length and cuts. Hip length + rise = Hip backing bevel. Hip length + hip run = Hip edge cut.

What is a common rafter?

: one of the rafters to which the roofing is secured.

Which is better rafters or trusses?

Once in place, rafters use up more wood, so they weigh more, but trusses are stronger because they are more efficient and have the capacity to produce maximum strength using fewer materials in the end.

What is the strongest truss?

In this experiment we have tested which type of truss bridge is the strongest, yet uses the least amount of material. Two of the most used truss bridges are of the Pratt and Howe design. Through our experiment it was found that the bridge design that minimized the maximum compression force was the Howe Bridge.

What is the most common roof truss?

A fink truss is the most common type of truss used, especially on homes and pedestrian buildings. The truss has an internal web configuration shaped like a W to give the ultimate strength to material ratio for spans from around 5m to around 9m in span which covers the majority of domestic dwelling being built today.

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