Quick Answer: Can you replace fascia board without replacing roof?

Sometimes you can repair a section of your fascia instead of replacing the entire board. For example, if only a few feet of the board have been exposed to water, your roofers may be able to cut out just that section of fascia, so long as it spans two rafters and can be safely resecured.

Do roofers replace fascia boards?

Most roofers, in that case, are generally trained to spot problems in fascia and gutters as well the training required to take care of them. … Fascia both keeps the gutters secure and seals the interior of the attic to some degree. Every so often in the lifespan of your home, you will see fascia repair or replacement.

What is the average cost of replacing fascia boards?

Average Cost to Install Fascia and Soffit

Average Cost $2,300
High Cost $6,000
Low Cost $600

Can you replace fascia board without removing gutters?

Fascia boards are found around the edges of your roof and usually support your home’s rain gutter system. … Luckily, replacing a fascia board is as easy as taking out the old board and fitting a new one in its place. Once you’ve installed a new board, all you need to do is seal the seams and paint it to match your home.

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Should I replace fascia before or after roof?

While it’s always a good idea to replace damaged fascia as soon as possible, it is essential to ensure it is in good shape before a new roof is installed. Metal eaves drip is an important component in a quality roof installation project.

How much does new guttering and fascias cost?

Fascia replacement costs will start at £100 per m2. With waste removal and labour factored in, the average price will likely sit around £2,100, though this will of course depend on the size and type of your property.

How do you replace fascia board yourself?


  1. Remove The Rotted Fascia Board. …
  2. Examine The Sub-fascia. …
  3. Clean The Sub-fascia. …
  4. Measure For Your New Piece. …
  5. Cut The New Board. …
  6. Attach The New Board. …
  7. Caulk The New Board. …
  8. Wrap-Up.


How do you replace rotted soffit and fascia?

The good news is that you won’t even need to climb on top of your roof to fix your soffit!

  1. Pry off your shingle mold. …
  2. Remove the fascia. …
  3. Remove the soffit’s rotting wood. …
  4. Take out the rotted rafter (when applicable). …
  5. Install the new rafter (when applicable). …
  6. Prepare the new soffit. …
  7. Attach the soffit. …
  8. Attach the fascia.


How do you fix a rotted beam end?

Beam and Joist Rot

  1. Remove any loose wood and allow the beam to become reasonably dry.
  2. Saturate the beam end with our CPES™. …
  3. Wait for several days (or longer).
  4. Fill the vacant area with our Fill-It™ Epoxy Filler, or with new CPES treated wood bonded in place with the Fill-It Epoxy Filler.
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Do gutters cause fascia to rot?

A gutter system that’s old and leaky or has an improperly aligned downspout will cause the excess moisture to back up into the fascia, which will result in rot over time. In some cases, the water might spill and drip towards the boards, resulting in the same effect.

How much does it cost to put fascia in a house?

The national average materials cost to install fascia boards is $1.72 per linear foot, with a range between $1.37 to $2.06. The total price for labor and materials per linear foot is $6.22, coming in between $4.90 to $7.54. A typical 125 linear foot project costs $777.21, with a range of $612.03 to $942.39.

Should I replace soffit and fascia?

In short, soffit and fascia issues are a big problem for the look and comfort of your home. If you’re having your siding replaced or your roof replaced, then it’s a good time to consider also replacing the soffit and fascia.

What is the board behind the gutter called?

The wood behind your gutters is called a fascia board and, over time, it can begin to rot due to constant exposure to water. … Over time, the water can begin to soak the fascia board and weaken your entire gutter system.

How do you fill cracks in fascia?

Start at the end of a fascia board and caulk the corner edge where two boards meet. Smooth the caulk bead with your finger and begin caulking the joint between the fascia board and the soffit (also known as the eave). Slowly move down the joint to apply a steady bead of caulk into the gap.

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Is fascia part of the roof?

The fascia board is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. The fascia is fixed directly to the lower ends of the roof trusses and usually does all the work of supporting the lower edge of the bottom row of tiles.

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