How do you use a 30 second roof treatment?

Mix it 1 to 1 with water in a pump up sprayer, or back pack sprayer. Apply the cleaner when your roof is DRY, preferably in the morning, or when its cooler, so the cleaner doesn’t just evaporate away. Saturate the area, paying special attention to the overlapping shingles.

How does 30 second spray and walk away work?

30 SECONDS Spray & Walk Away does not show immediate results, but works as a treatment, killing the growth slowly and effectively over time without damaging the surface. Some lichen and moss may take a week to remove or show signs of decay.

Do you have to rinse off 30 second cleaner?

A:Yes. Just rinse the foliage or grass with water within 10 minutes. 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner breaks down when you rinse it into the soil.
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How long does 30 seconds take to work?

30 SECONDS® Deck and Driveway Cleaner gives you results in 10 minutes, removing stains from dirt, grime, algae and mildew.

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Is 30 second cleaner just bleach?

30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner does not contain regular household bleach.

Does 30 seconds cleaner really work?

The results of the 30 Second Concentrate was a brightening of the deck wood from its pressure washed finish, although it was nowhere near as much of a difference from the first treatment of pressure washing the grey deck wood I was glad we did it as I feel we got the deck wood as clean as we could before re-sealing it.

Will 30 second cleaner kill plants?

When you clean your outside areas with 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner you can rinse everything away, into your lawns, flowerbeds and landscaping. … Once 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner is rinsed into the soil, it breaks down and doesn’t harm the grass.

Can 30 second cleaner be used on canvas?

You can clean wood decks, concrete, brick, canvas, plastic outdoor furniture, and vinyl siding. It is safe to use around your plants because you flood the area with water when rinsing. Are you getting ready to paint? Prep the surface with 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner and start your paint job off with a clean slate.

Does 30 seconds kill mold?

30 Seconds Indoor Mould Remover effectively removes mould and mildew from internal surfaces including Tile, Grout, Tubs, Fiberglass, Shower doors, Vinyl Curtains, Counters, Sinks, Floors, and more! Works quickly in the removal of Algae, Moss, Mould and Mildew.

Can you use 30 seconds outdoor cleaner in a pressure washer?

We do not recommend using 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner in a pressure washer for several reasons, including that a pressure washer would over dilute. Instead, put away that noisy pressure washer and save yourself some water! Just get a tank sprayer to apply and a garden hose to rinse away.

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How does 30 seconds work?

30 Seconds is a South African fast-paced general knowledge game. Players generally play in teams of two to sixteen. One player must guess a word from their teammate’s explanation, much like Charades, with the aim to guess as many possible answers in 30 seconds.

How long does it take for spray and leave to work?

ft. Q: How long will it take for stains to disappear using the “no rinse” application method? A: On average, green stains will disappear in 1-3 days, black stains on non-roof surfaces will disappear in 1-8 weeks, and roof stains will disappear in 30-180 days.

Is Wet and Forget better than 30 seconds?

Re: Wet N Forget Versus 30 Seconds

From my use of both products, 30 Seconds tends to be a bit quicker acting but doesn’t quite last as long.

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