How do you hang Christmas lights on a roof without gutters or shingles?

Hang the lights pointing up or down, just make sure they’re all clipped in the same direction. If you don’t have gutters, you can use the same clip to attach lights to your shingles instead. Simply flip the clip around.

How do you hang lights without gutters?

Use Adhesive Light Clips

There’s also a way to hang your lights without the gutter guard or the 3/8-inch slit coming into play at all. You can opt for light clips with an adhesive backing that affix directly onto the front surface of your gutter.

How do you put Christmas lights on a high roof?

There are a few ways to hang Christmas lights without a ladder. The first is a simple solution, a light- hanging pole. To use these poles, you attach the clip to the lights then place the clip in the pole’s grip. Then, you simply extend the arm and hook the clip over the gutter.

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How do you hang Christmas lights on a smooth surface?

A very quick and easy way to install Christmas lights on a number of different surfaces is by using a hot glue gun. Glue works great for rough surfaces such as concrete, brick and stucco. (Careful with stucco, though; some types of stucco may be damaged by the hot glue. Test a small area first.)

How can I hang Christmas lights without damaging my house?


  1. Use light clips. Do not hang Christmas lights with screws, nails or even a staple gun. …
  2. Attach your light clips. If your strands don’t already have light clips attached, attach them on the ground before you climb the ladder. …
  3. Be careful.


How do you hang lights outside without nails?

Try using plastic clips instead of nails or staples. Plastic clips are the easiest way for hanging Christmas lights on the roof. You can also use a staple gun to hold them in place, but that also will make it more time consuming to remove after Christmas.

What hooks to use to hang outdoor lights?

One of the ways to hang outdoor patio lights without nails is using adhesive hooks or gutter hooks. Alternatively, you can tape or staple them to your wall. You can also hang them on trees, bushes, posts, potted plants, and your fence.

How do I measure my roof line for Christmas lights?

The most accurate method: Use a measuring tape.

Pretty simple, measure along the roofline either directly at the edge between two people on ladders, along the ground under the roofline, or while walking along the ground with a rolling measure under the roofline edge.

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What Christmas lights do professionals use?

Commercial LED light strings with co-axial connectors are one of the most popular styles of commercial Christmas lights among professional installers due to their exceptional durability.

How do you hang Christmas lights under eaves?

STEP 4: Use plastic light clips to hang strands along eaves and gables. Inexpensive plastic light clips are designed specifically for hanging Christmas lights, and they hook over the top lip of your home’s gutter, or, alternately, they slip under the edges of roof shingles.

How do you attach Christmas lights to a drip edge?

The best way to hang your Christmas lights is to place them along the eaves, or use the plastic clips to grip the drip edge or gutters. The plastic clips have a lower hook that can be used to hold a light strand or an extension cord.

How do you hang string lights without drilling?

Use Adhesive-Backed Hooks

Just like with gutter hooks, adhesive-backed hooks can help you hang outdoor lights without using nails or drilling holes. However, you don’t hang these off the lip of a gutter or other surface. Instead, you either peel the back or apply adhesive to the hook and pin it onto a flat surface.

How do you secure string lights to your house?

You can use electrical staples to keep the extension cord tight against the wall of a house or down a post. If you don’t have walls or trees in just the right spot to hang your string lights, you’ll need to put a little extra effort into making supports for your patio lights. Along a wood fence.

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How can I hang Christmas lights in my bedroom without nails?

Stick a small adhesive decorating clip to the walls in each place you want to attach a strand of lights. To secure a vertical stretch of lights going straight up or down the wall, face the clips in alternating directions to make the arrangement more secure.

How can I hang Christmas lights without an outlet?

5 steps on how to plug in Christmas lights without an outdoor outlet?

  1. Step 1: Select the right power outlet in your basement. …
  2. Step 2: Plug in an external cord into the outlet. …
  3. Step 3: Take the cord to the Christmas lights through the window. …
  4. Step 4: Close the window and insulate it.


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