How do you cut ridge cap shingles from architectural shingles?

Start by cutting as many sheets of architectural shingles as needed lengthwise in half. You can do this with a utility or box knife. Apply the newly-cut ridge caps across the length of the roof. Nail the ridge caps in place with roofing nails.

Can architectural shingles be cut for ridge cap?

Ridge Cap Shingles Installation

Architectural shingles can be used to shingle the ridge cap. Cut the shingles lengthways between the middle adhesive strip and where the dimensional portion of the shingles attach.

Do you need special shingles for ridge cap?

Since so much water flows through the roof valleys, they must be protected by extensive roof flashing networks to keep your roof dry and leak-free. With the peaks, a special covering called a ridge cap must be used. Asphalt shingle roofing will typically also have asphalt ridge caps.

Are ridge cap shingles necessary?

Aside from adding necessary protection to your roof ridges, GAF’s hip and ridge cap shingles add accents to your architectural roofing shingles and make your roof stand out. These can even add dimension and depth to a 3-Tab shingle roof, making it look better while protecting your home.

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How wide should a ridge vent be cut?

Ridge vent cut out: Size should be 3.5″ overall assuming there are trusses or a maximum ridge board width of 1.5″ (or anything between). This will allow the air to easily flow out of the attic and through the respective ridge vent.

How wide are ridge cap shingles?

Most ridgevents are 12″ wide.

What is the difference between 3-tab and architectural shingles?

3-tab shingles are flat, and they have a single tab shape and size. They are uniform, which gives them a flat look. Architectural shingles are also referred to as dimensional shingles. This is because they provide a more dimensional look to the roof.

Where do you nail ridge caps?

Cover the bottom of the first ridge cap with roofing cement and place it, centered, on the edge of the ridge at the end of the house. Bend it over so that it covers the entire ridge. Nail it in place roughly 5 1/2 inches from the ridge end and 1 inch up from the shingle edge.

How much does it cost to replace ridge cap shingles?

Simple repairs, like replacing fasteners, shingles, or end caps, will run $200 to $300. However, professionals usually recommend replacing roof ridge units instead of repairing them, since unseen damage can lead to poor airflow or even leaking. Most often, the cost of roof repairs will be mostly labor.

What is the purpose of ridge cap?

The Functions Of A Ridge Cap

Ridge capping installation allows proper air circulation in the house. When the house gets too hot, the cap ensures continuous exchange of air, balancing the temperature inside the house. Ridge capping allows the house to become more energy efficient.

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