Best answer: Which cement is best for roof OPC or PPC?

PPC produces highly durable concrete as it has low water permeability compared to OPC. PPC has low initial setting strength compared to OPC but hardens over a period of time with proper curing. And PPC is cheaper also compared to OPC.

Why is PPC cement better than OPC?

PPC has higher strength than OPC over a longer period of time. Generates more heat than PPC in hydration reaction which makes it less suitable for mass casting. It has a slow hydration process and thus generates less heat than OPC. Less durable in aggressive weather.

Which cement is best for roof?

Use of OPC 53 grade and PPC ( Portland pozzolana cement) is the best cement for roof dhalai and for all type of RCC structure like footing,slab, beam and column.

Which cement is best OPC or PCC?

PCC gives comparable strength and durability like OPC. The basic difference between them is in the manufacturing technology. Only 65% to 80% of clinker is required to produce PCC while 95% of clinker is required to produce OPC.

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Is UltraTech OPC or PPC?

Ultratech and Grade: PPC and OPC ULTRATECH CEMENT, 50 KG

Packaging Size 50 KG
Brand Ultratech
Packaging Type Bag
Cement Grade Grade 43, Grade 53

Can we mix OPC and PPC?

Hence, both OPC & PPC can be a substitute to each other but only with a better quality control & by adopting best construction practices. So, for the construction of concrete slab both the OPC & PPC cement can be used.

Where is PPC cement used?

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

It can be confidently employed in construction of hydraulic structures, marine works, mass concreting such as dams, dykes, retaining walls foundations and sewage pipes. It is also suitable for use in common applications such as masonry mortars and plastering.

Which is the No 1 cement in India?

A list of the Indian largest cement companies ranked by Revenue and Market Share

Rank Indian Cement Company Market share %
1 UltraTech Cement Ltd 21.40
2 Ambuja Cements Ltd 6.20
3 ACC Ltd 6.00
4 Shree Cement Ltd 7.00

Which cement is better UltraTech or ACC?

The return on equity given by ACC is much better, at 15.28 percent than UltraTech’s at 9.36 percent. Therefore, ACC is currently available at an attractive price while UltraTech is expensive amongst its lot due to its stellar results.

Which cement is better 43 grade or 53 grade?

The fineness in cement generates early gain in strength, but along with high heat of hydration. … OPC 43 grade cement is generally used for non-structural works like plastering flooring etc. Whereas OPC 53 grade cement is used in the projects which require higher strength like concrete bridges, runways RCC works etc.

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Which cement is cheaper OPC or PPC?

Portland Pozzolana Cement is a variation of Ordinary Portland Cement. Pozzolana materials namely fly ash, volcanic ash, are added to the OPC so that it becomes PPC. Pozzolana materials are added to the cement in the ratio of 15% to 35% by weight. … PPC is cheaper than OPC.

Why PPC Cement has no grade?

The difference between different grades of cement is due to the difference in proportion of raw materials in cement. … Types of PPC: There are two types of Portland Pozzolana cement or PPC. One type of cement contains fly ash as the pozzolana material. The other type of PPC contains calcined clay as pozzolana material.

Which cement is best for plastering?

There are three main Cement Grades from which you can choose. These are Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Portland Slag Cement (PSC) and Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) available in the market. OPC is available in two grades — 43 and 53. Both grades are considered best for plastering work.

Which grade of UltraTech Cement is best?

Ultratech Cement OPC-53 Grade, Packaging Type: HDPE Bags, Grade: 53/43

Packaging Type HDPE Bags
Grade 53/43
Brand Ultratech Form Powder
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Bag

Which type of UltraTech Cement is best?

There are three main types of cement for constructing a home – OPC, PPC and PSC. Among the three, you will find OPC is available almost everywhere, but PPC and PSC will give better strength and excellent durability.

What is the advantage of PPC over OPC?

PPC has high durability than OPC which means the structure will last longer and have longer life. 04. PPC is more resistant towards the attack of sulphates, alkalies, chlorides and chemicals as compared to OPC.

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