Best answer: Is Ondura roofing any good?

Can you walk on Ondura roofing?

ONDURA is more pliable in hot weather and less pliable in cold weather. Always use care when walking on ONDURA or any other roof.

Is Ondura roofing waterproof?

These Ondura panels were a blessing when it came to roofing my new shed. Lightweight ,waterproof and easy to install, these panels gave me the look I wanted and were much cheaper than metal or shingles. … ( this allows you to avoid metal drip edge by using the panels as your drip edge/flashing).

Can you put Ondura over shingles?

On shingle roofs, Ondura can be applied over up to two layers of shingles if the roof has a solid nail base and if the surface is relatively smooth. And no preparation is necessary; simply nail Ondura sheets or tiles in place. … There’s no other roof- ing material like it. Ondura re-roofs over practically anything.

How long does a bitumen roof last?

What Makes Bitumen Roofing Special? Modified bitumen roofing is a long-lasting material with an average life span of 20 years. But since it’s a low-maintenance roofing system, it can last even longer with just basic care and maintenance.

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How much should a corrugated roof overlap?

Overlap of 1 corrugation recommended, it yields overall coverage of 48″. If overlap needed in sheet length, we recommend 4″ overlap. Do not apply sealants on overlapping panels, it will cause unsightly dirt streaks. Procedure: Begin by installing roof sheet.

Can you paint Ondura roofing?

You can use any high-grade, outdoor acrylic latex paint on your ONDURA roof, or you can order ONDURA paint from your nearest dealer.

What is Ondura premium made of?

ONDURA is made with a tough organic fiber core that is completely infused with asphalt as the weather protection barrier. This scientifically-developed composite material has been optimized and used in roofing applications in the United States for more than 30 years.

Which side is up Ondura?

Genuine ONDURA nails are made from galvanized steel, are ring shanked, and have a large EPDM rubber washer to improve sealing around the nail. Other types of nails may not provide sufficient hold-down strength. Place closure strips under the ONDURA-9 sheet with the curved side up to fill the corrugations.

What is the warranty on Ondura roofing?

Ondura roofing is covered under a lifetime limited warranty. If there is a defect in the material or workmanship of the roofing, Onduline will replace the defective material with new material upon receiving the homeowner’s Warranty Certificate and proof of purchase.

What is Onduvilla made of?

ONDUVILLA is made from a composite of asphalt with a fiber matte core. This lightweight composite technology has been used by Onduline in other roofing materials with outstanding results for the past 70 years.

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What is Ondura roofing sheets?

The ONDURA corrugated asphalt roofing sheets and tiles offer a lightweight and attractive solution for roofing projects. ONDURA is made with a tough organic fiber core that is completely infused with asphalt as the weather protection barrier. … ONDURA sheets and tiles can be installed with commonly available tools.

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