Are Yakima roof rack keys universal?

Are all Yakima keys the same?

My understanding from my dealer is that there’s only a couple dozen different Yakima keys. This makes it easier for them to store all combinations of keys and cores in house. This made it easy for the dealer to quickly re-key all my racks and cables to conveniently be the same, for instance.

Are roof rack keys universal?

Most racks and locking accessories can have One Key System compatibIity. You can replace the locking cylinders to use the same key for all your products.

What do I do if I lost my Yakima key?

Lost Your Yakima Keys?

  1. Call a locksmith to unlock your Yakima product so you can use the change key to remove the core and check to see what key number you need.
  2. Stop by your local Yakima dealer to see if they have Yakima keys in-stock. They can systematically check all the keys until they find the right one.


Can Yakima keys be copied?

Registered. I just went to the LBS, and they can order copies from Yakima from your key #.

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How do I get new Yakima keys?

If you no longer have a Control Key, check with your local Yakima dealer or click here to purchase one. Once the core is removed, the SKS key code will be on the side or back of the lock core. The code starts with the letter “A” followed by three numbers.

How do I remove Yakima lock core without key?

The only way to remove a Yakima SKS lock core without damaging the core is with the control key. If you lost the control key, we offer a replacement key as part # Y8007835.

Are Rhino Rack keys universal?

Allows you to have one key for most of your Rhino-Rack products, no matter how many accessories you own.

How do I choose a roof rack?

How to Choose the Right Roof Rack to Carry All Your Gear

  1. Check the Weight. Strong is good, heavy is not. …
  2. Go for Modular. …
  3. Check Out the Accessory Lineup. …
  4. Strength and Durability. …
  5. Low Profile. …
  6. Product Support. …
  7. Learn from the Pros. …
  8. Wide Product Range.

Can a locksmith make a Thule key?

The Thule utilizes a key blank which the majority of hardware stores do not carry. The blank is an X132. Almost any locksmith carries this key and can duplicate it.

What to do if you lost Thule keys?

For Thule rack owners replacing a lost key is extremely simple. Just look on the lock core’s face and you will see a number stamped, in the image above the key number is N113.

Are Yakima and Thule locks interchangeable?

RhinoRack, Thule and Yakima each use the same interchangeable lock cores in all their gear so if you purchase enough lock cores you can use the same key for your rack and your rack accessories. … Thule cargo racks are so popular.

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How do I get rid of Yakima key core?

Expert Reply: When using the change key part # Y8007835 to remove and replace a lock cylinder what you have to do is first have the lock in the unlocked position. Next you will insert the change key into the core. With the key in the core you will then be able to slide the core out as one piece.

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